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New blog

September 16, 2016

I’ve started a new blog to reflect the new changes in my spiritual path.  This blog will most likely be used for the more mundane elements of my life and the other will reflect more of the spiritual areas, though I will continue to post what I please on either blog.  Chances are the new one will be more active than this one…I really haven’t figured it all out.  Just felt the need for a change. My life has gotten strange…I have to live my truth so this in part is how I’ve chosen to deal with it.

Any way, Star of Earth is the new blog.


Wisdom of Anita Blake: Blood Noir edition

January 16, 2018

Laurell Hamilton’s series…pithy quotes…16th edition I think.

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Wisdom of Anita Blake: The Harlequin edition

January 12, 2018

I’ve currently got three books worth of quotes to post…if you are lucky I’ll take a break from the series for a while but between cold, snow and stress…well let’s just say don’t hold your breath. However, I’ve read the later books fewer times and so probably get more caught up in the tale and catch fewer pithy quotes. Read more…

Wisdom of Anita Blake: Danse Macabre edition

January 10, 2018

I’m cleaning of my desk…yeah that’s it…not trying to avoid responsibilities or anything…stop looking at me that way.  Tired of these yet?  🙂  I hope not as I still have 10 or so books to go and I seem to be going through them at a quick pace lately. Read more…

Wisdom of Anita Blake: Micah

January 8, 2018

I didn’t really care for this book due to its length.  It seemed more like a between the numbers novella than an actual part of the series.  Still has some good comments in it.

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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Incubus Dreams edition

January 4, 2018

#12 in the series…yes I’ve been avoiding everything to hide in books. Read more…

Wisdom of Anita Blake: Cerulean Sins Edition

December 28, 2017

To be fair not all these quotes are Anita’s but pithy none-the-less.  Eleventh edition, I believe.  I forgot how much this series makes me think of a lost love. Read more…

Wisdom of Anita Blake: Narcissus in Chains edition

December 17, 2017

Stress is riding high in my life, which means you get another edition of Anita and company quotes.  Tenth installment.   Read more…