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New blog

September 16, 2016

I’ve started a new blog to reflect the new changes in my spiritual path.  This blog will most likely be used for the more mundane elements of my life and the other will reflect more of the spiritual areas, though I will continue to post what I please on either blog.  Chances are the new one will be more active than this one…I really haven’t figured it all out.  Just felt the need for a change. My life has gotten strange…I have to live my truth so this in part is how I’ve chosen to deal with it.

Any way, Star of Earth is the new blog.

New moon reading

March 29, 2017

I did this reading using two, well three decks.  Lack of sleep made me choose this route because I figured if I didn’t get the point with one card, maybe I would with the other.  In some cases it was a challenge to figure out what the shared meaning was.  I used my usual spread which you can find under the tarot spreads tab above (EDIT:  huh actually it isn’t…1-3 waxing cresent, 4-7 circle, 8-10 waning crescent, remaining horizontally across the bottom).  Chrysalis and Sun and Moon tarot decks then the final 4 cards are a divination deck I used for mantras. Read more…

Deck Interview: Sun and Moon Tarot

March 23, 2017

I bought this deck last Saturday because I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I don’t need another deck, I thought.  I rarely use all that I have as it is.  Bought it anyway.  My first impression is that it is a very loving deck.  The purpose of the interview is for me to figure out what to do with it.

Read more…

I’m not a happy person

December 12, 2016

I recently had some people who I trusted, who I used as a sounding board, tell me I needed counseling.  While I’m sure their heart was in the right place, it felt like a kick in the teeth. There is nothing wrong with counseling, nothing at all.  But they said I needed to go because I’m never happy.  I felt betrayed.  Life has been extremely stressful in the last month or so and this just added to it.

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Pulling a rant out of my craw

October 5, 2016

You know…something was said to me a while back that has really stuck in my craw. Don’t remember who said it or if it was even more than one person. It wasn’t the who (so I’m not calling anyone out), it was the what. It was something to the effect of “you are always complaining about menopause.” With the meaning of “get over it already” or “this too will pass”.  So call this post a “speak your truth” type of post. Read more…

Happenings: September-ish

October 1, 2016

Stuff happened during the September moon-month Read more…

correcting vision

September 16, 2016

My heart breaks a wee bit for my only child.  Today he got his first pair of glasses.  In the scheme of things, it really isn’t a big deal.  People get them every day.  People wear them every day.  But this is the first for my son.  The first corrective anything he’s ever had to deal with.  All he could say was that he was nervous.   Read more…