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Of Medusa and Octopi*

April 19, 2016

(*yes I am aware that this is grammatically incorrect, but I like the sound of it better than octopuses…sometimes I even use octopods which isn’t correct either.)

I’d like to say that this will be an intelligently put together article on some of the interesting things I have found…but it won’t be.  I just don’t have the spoons or the coherence to write such an article.  My apologies.  This will be more like a list of the interesting things I have found and the theories that I have.

Octopus Medusa by sahdesign

Octopus Medusa by sahdesign

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Moon Month Daily Readings: March-ish

April 9, 2016

Continuation with my divination goals Read more…

Find your joy

March 24, 2016

I’m struggling, y’all.  Not with my beliefs, not about the Kindreds but with the hows, whats and whys.  Now there is a couple of reasons for this…I’m a lazy human who wants it easy; I am mostly solitary; I’m a bit hidebound and because of the wider polytheistic/pagan community.  The first two issues are obvious so I won’t bother to discuss them as they kind of go hand in hand.  The third is a big problem, in the name of learning I’ve metaphorically shackled myself by reading of ancient practices and modern conceptions of ancient practices.  I’ve trapped myself between a rock and a hard place and I’m having a hard way crawling out of it to find what is right for me, right now.  I haven’t figured out a way to make it all USEFUL, not just trivia in my head.  My guides, my divination all tell me that I need to stop worrying about what “they” did, what “they” do just do what is right for me.  Yet I haven’t figured how to get through my scroll barrier (to see the visual in my head…yes I’m currently working with this deck for my dailies) to figure out what is right for me.

The constant community struggle, the “do it this way”, the “don’t do it that way”, the “I’m right, he’s wrong”, etc is more than horrify, more than appalling.  It is repelling and completely unhelpful.  The more a someone tries to force conformity in spiritual or religious practice the more I find myself pulling back in disgust.  So let me share some random thoughts with you in no particular order.  None of them have any more merit than anyone else’s, but I feel the need to say them so that they are not doing a dance in on my brain pan all hours of the night and day.

  • Yes the ancients did things that way…in that village or town or land parcel.  Those in the next village/town/land parcel may have done it that way too…or they may not have and that is just FINE.  The “rules” are more for the human psyche than for any divinity and rules change repeatedly over the many long years between us and them.  Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  Yet we will never be able to go back to “then” and we will never be exactly as “they” were…and THAT’S OK.  Seasons change, people change, deities change, RULES CHANGE.  The only constant is change so stop trying to browbeat, guilt, bully or whatever other technique you do to “win” people to your methodology.  Reducing things to one way is why society has some of the problems it does…
  • Humans are individuals.  We were made to be individuals.  Nothing will apply to everyone and that is OK.  If someone is a consenting adult then whatever they want to do should be at least tolerated as long as it doesn’t involve harming someone who isn’t consenting or is a child (or child-like) AND they don’t expect anyone else to do it as well.  Why would there be so many human differences if we were meant to worship one way?  Why so many cultures?  Let each find their joy in their own way.  Gather like-minds together but remember that you will never agree 100% and THAT’S OK.  Find joy in your differences.  Just because you gather under an umbrella term, that does not mean that everyone believes the same, just that you have similarities.  Not all Hellenes believe or practice the same way, nor Celts, Wiccans, Toms, Dicks, Junes or Julys.  Get your ego out of it already.
  • An atheist by definition does not believe in any divinity or divinities.  So no, you can’t play in our sandbox and why would you want to do so?!  Go build your own and I wish you joy of it.  I’ll happily play right here, thank you very much.  EDITED TO ADD:  You can find joy and wonder in nature, something awe inspiring but this doesn’t make you pagan, it makes you human, a lover of beauty in all its raw, natural forms.
  • Whatever the ancients use to do around this time of year doesn’t really matter.  Decorate eggs, leave hidden gifts for loved ones, have a big meal. Celebrate it in the manner you find meaningful and let your neighbors do the same.  Find your joy and celebrate it.  (I will say that shoveling snow is not a form of celebration, it is torture and I don’t like torture.  Stop that shit and make it green already.  My paws are cold and I’m tired of the wet…sorry whiney tangent from frozen elevations that at least didn’t get the 2+’ of snow in a day…really that crap needs to stay on the peaks…oops doing it again.)
  • There’s a reason why one shouldn’t put politics or religion in polite company because it invarible makes one impolite which often leads to dishonor whether on behalf of the host or the guest.  Mixing politics AND religion is even more explosive.  This political season seems to be shaping up to be the worst one in a long while.  There doesn’t seem to be any good solutions at this point…so agree to disagree and move on.  The more one argues and disrespects your “opponent” the less likely you will convince anyone of your point of view.

I’m sure I had other points I wanted to vomit upon you, my reader, but I’m out of time so let me say one more thing.

Find your joy and do it diligently, and when it no longer is a joy, find another and repeat.

Moon Month Readings: February-ish

March 9, 2016

Continuation of my effort to get better at Divination. Read more…

Moon Month Readings: January-ish

February 8, 2016

So this series of posts will be a listing of my daily readings and notes for the moon month.  This one will be a bit longer than the others as I’m starting early.  The deck I’ll be using this month is Wild Wood Tarot.  Placed behind the cut for those not interested.  :) Read more…

Food Issues

February 5, 2016

so…been trying to get a handle on my food issues. It is looking very likely I have some form of histamine intolerance (HIT). I’m mostly writing this here to try and make some sense of things…ok and maybe to rant a little in my panic.  You’ll see why eating has become…difficult/stress-inducing of late.

The way I’ve seen it described is your gut is a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  There is a hose attached to the side of the bucket that is your body’s production of histamine.  If the bucket gets too low/blocked (say by antihistamines for a long period of time), it produces more but otherwise it is a pretty steady stream into the bucket.  You also put histamine into the bucket by what you eat and some foods, while they don’t have histamine, do cause an increase of histamines released.  Stress agitates the bucket causing it to slosh.

The best way to manage the system is to not let the bucket get too full of histamine so that it overflows or sloshes out.  This means eating nutritious, low-histamine foods (think using teaspoons to fill the bucket) with the occasional foray into nutritious, high histamine foods (cups or pitchers to fill the bucket).  There is no test to measure the volume that will fill your bucket and everyone’s reactions to foods differ so there are only guidelines and not hard and fast rules.  There are also many other reactions that go on in your body that are only vaguely understood which can help or hinder the process.  Not to mention that stress makes everything worse (slosh)

I found an app that is helpful in identifying potentially problem foods.  The biggies to avoid for me seem to be the histamine releasers or liberators.  The foods that I have the biggest issues with:  eggs (the whites), bananas, pineapples, etc. are all on the HIT list (or one of them as there are a bunch and rarely agree completely) of do not eat.

What is more troublesome and stressful (slosh, slosh) is some of the foods on the HIT no-no list such as tomato, soy sauce, most vinegars, alcohol, citrus, curry, aged cheeses…my favorite foods are BBQ, Mexican, Indian…all which contain most of these no-nos.  The lists are not exact because a lot of it is the individual (requiring trial and error) and how the food was handled and what chemicals (preservatives and such) are in it.  (slosh, slosh, slosh).

Mealtimes/cooking has gone from enjoyable to stress causing…what to fix, what can I eat, what substitution that will taste right, etc.  and since I’m not living on my own, my family is stuck putting up with a good part of this.  I can’t even talk about the potential problems with eating out.  (SLOSH)

So what are my physical symptoms?  Stomach aches, gas, soft stool to diarrhea…possibly some of the anxiety attacks that I’ve had…to who knows what else.  Not even sure if all of the stomach aches are HIT related or if there is also a fiber issue.

So yeah…that’s what I’ve been doing…every time I get hungry and sometimes between those times trying to figure things out.  Add in life, work, family, mental and physical requirements and insomnia.  I exhausted…and frazzled.

Deck Interview: Chrysalis Tarot

January 20, 2016

I’ve been eyeballing this deck for a long time and finally broke down and got it with my holiday money.  I don’t think there is a single card that I don’t like the artwork (well OK, maybe Kali for the Tower but that maybe because I find her…disturbing, not because of the artwork) which is rather unusual for my picky eye.  As I do with all of my new decks, I used the deck interview spread (plus a few more cards) to get a feel of this deck. Read more…


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