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Wisdom of Anita Blake : Crimson Death edition

September 28, 2018

I still need to purchase the latest book.  So the last set of quotes for a time.

  • Treat every gun as if it’s loaded and lethal, and never, ever cross someone’s body with it unless you mean to shoot them.
  • One person says something that isn’t true, but it’s too scandalous not to repeat, and then the rumors feed on each other, and before you know it, everyone knows the truth, even when it’s a lie.
  • Sometimes avoiding a question reveals more than just answering.
  • We never really leave junior high and that he-likes-the-girl-who-likes-someone-else game, or reverse the sexes and get the same story.
  • If you really care for people, you want them to be happy…otherwise you don’t actually care for them.
  • …sometimes weird is exactly what you need.
  • I rarely got into trouble saying nothing…Of course, not everyone will let you say nothing; sometimes they demand more than that, even when there’s nothing good to say.
  • if I wanted to have a life…I had to fight for it.  I had to protect my free time as fiercely as I did anything else in my life, because if I didn’t, then my “life” would be another casualty…
  • …some people are only good because there are rules and punishments in place to make them be good.  Take that away and it’s amazing what people will do to each other if they think they can get away with it.
  • …only children whine, That’s not fair.  Grown-ups understand that fairness is rare and good treatment must be earned.
  • If something hurts you and tries to kill you, you fight back.  If something tries to kill you, you try to kill it first.  Sometimes life comes down to very simple rules.
  • Everyone likes being wanted…
  • One relationship hurdle at a time; if you try to jump them all at once you fall flat on your face and it all falls apart.
  • My body was letting me know that we’d had sex, because what goes in has to come out eventually.
  • …some worries are not about logic.
  • Anger and blaming everyone else were easy.
  • Sometimes evil was in the eye of the beholder, right alongside beauty.
  • Men do not see women as physical competition, with rare exceptions…Sparring was a safe-ish way to learn how to fight in the real world, or to find what you needed to work on the most….Besides, we were women, and there’s only one way to be successful in martial arts or combatives, and that’s to be as tough as the men or tougher.
  • Everyone wants to be wanted…Just not in the same way…
  • If something makes you happy you should just enjoy it and embrace it…
  • They say love is a powerful motivator, and it is, but sometimes hatred gets the job done, too.
  • Police work was often about risk assessment and gain versus loss.
  • Ancient Ireland had some of the best laws for women when it came to marriage, but overall marriage was less about romance and more about land, wealth, safety, and procreation.  I mean inheritance and the safety of land and even countries.  The idea that marriage is about romance and love is such a new idea.
  • Anytime you make romantic decisions that are logical and fair, they usually end up making someone feel that they are very illogical and unfair…
  • …homosexuals…can be every bit as conservative and narrow-minded as any heterosexual.
  • Bisexuals seem to have a higher kink level than either end of the scale…
  • Welcome to one of the serious downsides of  polyamory when everyone has veto power over everyone else’s lovers.
  • Love is the hardest thing of all…Just sex is so much easier…Having sex is easy compared to trying to learn to sleep with someone…Love is even harder than sleeping overnight in the same bed for the first few times.  They’re both worth the effort, but you still have to work at it.
  • …power is often a balance between benefits gained and danger risked.
  • Your first lover gets a piece of your heart until you have enough therapy to take it back.
  • The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference.
  • …obsession is not love.  It is insecurity, possession, and it leads to misery.
  • Addictions never end in anything but misery.
  • …submissive didn’t mean weak, and that really all the power is with the sub, because once they safeword, then everything stops.
  • …to panic, at least o have a full-blown panic attack, you had to lose control of your breathing first.  If I controlled my breathing I could control my heart rate, my pulse and keep myself from spilling over the edge into hysterics.
  • It not always how much you’re carrying, but how it moves, how it sits on your body, or how it moves with you.
  • …they held each other, not like lovers, but like friends, the kind of friends that you make while the bullets are flying and the enemy is anyone who is trying to kill you and the man beside you.  Outside of combat you may not have a damned thing in common, but these are the friend who became family who can call you twenty years later and say, “I need your help,” and you help.  Brothers in arms are brothers of blood, too; it’s just not always their own blood that gets spilled to cement the bond.
  • You have to take the moments where you can…or you start believing that the bad stuff is all there is in the world.
  • If you wanted to play with the boys, you needed to know how to  play like one.
  • When people as if love can last they always seem to mean romantic love, but there are all kinds of love, and the can all last.
  • Slang travels badly from on country or language to another.
  • Girl traps aren’t about genitalia; they’re about that more feminine habit of saying, Do this or Don’t do that, and punishing the masculine half of the couple for doing what the feminine half asked/told him to do in the first place.  There are girl traps and boy stupid, but it’s not always the woman who set the traps and it’s not always men who are stupid.  We all take turns.
  • …faith is always shinier before it gets a good test run.
  • When you think about it, oral sex is one of the most trusting things we do with a lover.
  • Division in the ranks always gave opportunity to find people you could turn; traitor was only a bad word if they were betraying you.  If they were helping you betray the other side, traitor could be a very good word.
  • There’s no scent in a dream; that part doesn’t work when we sleep, which is why most people don’t smell smoke from fire in time.  Noises wake us, but not smell.
  • When dealing with a crazy person, it’s always safer to go along with the delusion, as far as you can.
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