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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Dead Ice edition

September 28, 2018

quotes…blah, blah, no one reading any way…cleaning off desk…

  • So much of a person’s attractiveness is their spirit, their personality.
  • God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.
  • Calm your breathing, and your heartbeat has to follow, eventually, and with that, your pulse will slow, eventually.
  • …sometimes you just gotta go with that part of yourself that says, This is morally wrong and I will stop you.
  • Happiness is as contagious as sorrow.
  • Lately, people seemed to think that morality was the same thing as being politically correct, and it wasn’t.  Some of the most deeply moral people I knew were least politically correct, because they actually worried about good and evil, not just what they were told was good or bad.
  • Revenge is cold comfort when the person you’re avenging is already dead.
  • Almost no one is all bad; that’s part of what makes it so hard in therapy.  There are so few true villains, just other screwed-up people who pass the damage on.
  • …sex is supposed to be about letting go…
  • Insight into your friends is good; insight that makes you wonder if they’re really your friend or just a really well-socialized sociopath, not so good.
  • …sex and romance aren’t about logic; they’re about feelings, and that is one of the least logical things of all.
  • Poly isn’t about being completely fair for most people.  There are some who run it with a near perfect equality, but for most of us there are primary relationships, there are secondary, and even ones less serious than that.
  • Emotional issues are seldom logical.
  • Sometimes you really did want the sleeping dogs to keep napping, because once they woke up they tried to tear your throat out.
  • Newborns will die from lack of touch; it’s one of the causes of failure to thrive.  The elderly will also begin to decline faster if they don’t have anyone to touch them.  Patting someone’s hand, or shoulder, a hug, all of it is necessary to be happy and healthy for most people.  It doesn’t have to have anything to do with sex; in fact, most of the touch that keeps us all going is as innocent as a newborn lamb frolicking on the spring grass…
  • People say that sex is a want, not a need, but for some of us I’m not sure that’s true.
  • …revenge sex is always a bad idea…
  • Sex was not a fate worse than death…with life there was always hope.
  • The guy rule was that even if you were crying, the other men ignored it unless you said something to draw attention to it, but quiet crying, especially when you’d tried to get privacy for it, meant you left it alone.  Women usually want you to seek them out and ask what’s wrong; men don’t, a s a general rule.
  • What comforts you is like emotions; they may not make any sense at all but they’re still true.
  • …whitish-gray liquid…silver liquid that beads up is mercury…in real life silver nitrate isn’t as silver as that and it doesn’t bead up like mercury either.
  • I gave him blank cop face, because I’d learned that people will tell you their horrors, but you can’t be horrified by it.  You have to be their blank witness, because what they fear most is that you will see them as monsters, or broken, if you know the deepest, darkest stuff in them.
  • …the only thing harder to compete with than a tragic lost love is a tragic lost love that never actually happened.  Fantasy is almost always better, to a certain kind of person, than the real thing.
  • love isn’t stupid; it’s necessary for a happy life.
  • Minimum safe distance for drawing, aiming and firing a gun is twenty-one feet; anything closer and a human being can close the distance faster than you can draw a weapon.  All the people who complain about cops shooting someone from a distance don’t understand how fast people can  move, and how long it takes to draw, aim and fire.
  • People say liquor makes everyone pretty, but sobering up is a bitch–well, being in love makes people beautiful and falling out of love makes you see the truth.  It may set you free, but it’s going to fuck you up before it does.
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