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About me

Who am I?  Sometimes I wonder that myself.  I have gone by various names at various times.  Feisty Kat when I first got on the ‘net and joined the Pagan community.  When I started on the Hellenic path, I chose Melia Suez.  In the physical world, I am known as Aj Brokaw.

My author’s blog is Oaken Scrolls.

In no particular order:

  • I am a part-time librriarian and a stay-at-home-mother to a little boy who causes equal amounts of happiness and frustration.  He is my miracle baby who occurred after 11 years of no birth control.  I have a thing for acorns now because of him.
  • I am the wife of a wonderfully patient man, my college sweetheart.  He drug me up into the mountains so that he could build custom homes.  Our own home is very much a slow work in progress…kind of like the cobbler whose children are shoeless.
  • I hate snow and cold yet live at a rather high elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Hubby’s fault.
  • I have a very wide creative streak but my emphasis tends to be on cross-stitching.
  • Tarot fascinates me.  It is only through a lot of self-control and a shortage of funds that keeps me from owning a wide collection of decks.  My current favorites are:  Pearls of Wisdom, Alchemical Tarot Renewed and Wildwood.  Lately I am learning lenormande cards.
  • I am a solitary American Pagan (or Polytheist if you prefer)  who honors the Hellenic pantheon and is dedicated specifically to Zeus.  I am not a reconstructionist.  I tend to do whatever seems right and works within the constraints of my life.  My preferred group is Neos Alexandria.   I have edited one of the devotionals published under their Bibliotheca Alexandrina imprint and have had works published in several of their other books.  My philosophy can be generally summed up by this poem I wrote long before becoming Hellenic.
  • Besides acorn and craft supplies, I collect teapots and faeries.  My favorite flowers are pansy and calla lily.  My favorite scents are cinnamon, jasmine and amber resin.
  • Stitching Trade list
  • Stitching Wishlist
  • The role that I fulfill for my gods is the role of messenger.  For example, I discover something nifty.  I make a note of it in my weekly Daily Happenings post.  But then I can’t get it out of my head.  It keeps circling around, jumping up and down and generally making a nuisance of itself.  Until. I . Pay. Attention.  OH!  So I need to this message out!  I then get an emphatic yes and sometimes an about time or roll of the eyes feeling.  I’ve decided to start calling these Feather Files.  (Angelos means messenger, most mythological messengers had wings, feathers come from angel wings and are a symbol of Ma’at aka Truth)  Take them as you will…

The purpose of this blog is to share whatever I wish.  That usually means craft, tarot or spiritual matters.  Sometimes it is rants about my personal life.  If this offends you, than move on.  This is my place to discuss what I wish.  My little haven to be me, no matter what anyone else thinks.

A lot of my first blog post still holds true.

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  1. Anne permalink
    September 25, 2012 6:16 PM

    Sannion sent me over to you. A fellow Coloradan, I’d love to correspond with your sometime if you’re willing


  2. December 15, 2015 3:20 PM


    Another Coloradoan here, thought I am here for a different reason. Sorry to comment here, but I couldn’t find other contact info for you.

    My husband, Chris, and I run the Paths and Traditions Fair, a day-long open house event where seekers and those new to Poltytheism and Paganism can come and meet representatives of various paths. (You can see more info here:

    We don’t have a representative for the general Hellenic tradition, yet, and it’d be great to have someone there who can speak to that practice. As a messenger, is this something you might be interested in doing?

    — Kelley.


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