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OOPS I broke his paradigm

May 16, 2021
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Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson and Julie Dillon

So in my daily reading, one of the cards I got was the above Knight of Swords. It was about the value of daily practice. We will see how I do, figuring out WHAT to write about is harder than actually writing.

Today I was reminded of something that happened to my son and I a couple of years ago.

We had gone to a local event at a historical sight that had, among other things, a couple of mediums. While I’ve often seen such people in Pagan settings, I’m always curious about how they “work” in public settings. Well at some point during the event, my son and I had a quiet couple of moments from the younger medium. I don’t remember what we asked him but he was very hesitant to respond.

This medium is used to working with the dead and spirit guides. He is fairly young and some flavor of Christian. Now I have no issues with Christians. I was raised in the faith after all but it left too many unanswered or poorly answered questions and not to mention how females are treated as lesser…but that is a separate story.

He said he could see behind me a large warrior, flexing to show how strong and capable he is…and he is glowing differently than I have seen before. He stated something else but it has been long enough and he was distracted enough that it didn’t stick to the teflon of my sleep deprived brain. But it wasn’t too out of the ordinary for him so he was able to dismiss it fairly quickly.

However, when he looked at my son, that was when he got a real panicky, confused look on his face. He said he didn’t know how to describe what he was seeing adequately. The best he could describe was a woman that appeared to be growing out of the earth and her attendants (for lack of a better word) look a bit like fairies or gnomes or something. She also had a message and since it wasn’t for me, I didn’t remember it.

Without thinking I said something to the effect of: oh we are Pagans, you are probably seeing our deities. Mine sounds like Horus (though it could have been Zeus-Sobek, another long story) and his sounds like Gaia. This poor gentleman backed away from us a little bit. A combination of horror and confusion on his face. I gather nothing like this had happened to him before and was completely unexpected.

To this day, I find that surprising. I would think as a medium he would have come across people from many religions, from many places and so would have seen many different things. We turned that poor man’s world upside down and broadened his horizons, whether he wanted it or not. Part of me wonders if that wasn’t the exact reason why we had that opportunity with him. But again he was young, early 20s, and remained polite. Yet neither did he ever answer any written communication either despite reassurances from his partner at the even that he always answers his email. I still find the whole situation a combination of humorous and saddening.

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  1. May 16, 2021 5:14 PM

    He’ll either figure it out soon or run screaming in the other direction. Medium Work must be pretty hard for a Christian.


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