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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Affliction edition

August 26, 2018

Again I need to clear desk space.  The next several books will probably shorter on quotes as I haven’t read them as many times so I get caught up in the story rather than catching the “wisdom”.  Hope someone besides me is enjoying these.  

  • Some things you wish you could delegate, and simultaneously know you wouldn’t, even if you could.
  • Love is never about the object of your love, but always says more about us than them.
  • [about therapy] You’ve got to be willing to work on your issues.  You’ve got to be willing to face hard truths and fight to get better.  That takes courage and force of will.
  • It is the nature of some leaders to bring out the best in those around them.
  • It is impossible to make everyone happy, so in the end we make ourselves happy and do what we can for others.
  • …it’s okay to cry; sometimes you’re so happy it spills out your eyes.
  • …having the people you love tell you they love you and mean it…it never goes out of style.  Since we’re made in God’s image, this must be from Him, so even God must need an “atta boy”, an out-loud, in-you-head “Thank you , great job on that sunset, and the platypus was a brilliant fun idea.”  Maybe that’s why we’re supposed to pray the way we do, because without it God would be lonely.  Sometimes I thought my friends who were Wiccan had something with this whole God and Goddess thing.  If people worked better paired up and in love, and we were made in God’s image, then logically it seemed like God needed a Goddess.  As I got happier in my own love life, I’d started wondering if God was lonely without His Goddess.
  • Love doesn’t conquer all but it can help you conquer everything else.
  • The police are like a lot of manly men; they react badly to gay.
  • You’re either straight or gay to most people…and if a guy touches another guy he’s gay period…Just like a lot of the gay community thinks a man who touches a woman isn’t gay enough.  They think bisexual means you haven’t made up your mind or won’t admit the truth…The gay community can be just as narrow-minded as the straight community.
  • Sometimes when we go back home to our family and hometown we fall back into old patterns, old actions, old feelings.  They come back up like ghosts, and if you’re not careful you sort of become your old self again.
  • …cops keep their eye on movement, because it can be bad guys.
  • When you have hair as curly as mine…you can never, ever brush your hair.  It breaks the curl and makes a mess of it.
  • …religious bigots…The ones who were so sure they were right were usually the most un-Christian of all.
  • There are pains too deep for words, but there’s touch to say what words can’t.
  • He flashed a professional smile as he came through, cheerful and empty of meaning, because it makes people feel better when you smile…You smile, because if you don’t people worry more.  He was a doctor, and people worried enough around him, so he smiled.
  • Most [serial killers] saw their victims as things like a lamp, or a chair, or a tree, no more real than that.  It was what allowed them to do their crimes with so little remorse.  You don’t feel bad about beating up a chair or breaking a lame, right?
  • Normally police fought over jurisdiction like dogs over the last meaty bone…solve a case like this and it could make your reputation.  Fail at solving it and it could break you.
  • Most cops had a haunted look; they hid it, but we all had it if we’d been on the job long enough.  There were always things that happened that left stains on your mind, your heart, your soul.  You saw the great, terrible thing and you couldn’t forget it,  you couldn’t unsee it, unknow it and you were never the same afterward.
  • …you don’t need ghosts to be haunted.  Memory does that just fine without any supernatural help at all.
  • Some issues stay fresh every time you open them up.  It’s like evil magical Tupperware–it stays fresh forever.
  • Sometimes illusion is all the comfort you get…
  • …a cop look.  That look that hides most emotions but weighs you, measures you and sees more than most people understand.
  • …the guy rule:  If a man is crying utterly quietly and pretending he’s not crying, you pretend, too.
  • …what makes your lovers feel loved doesn’t always have to make sense to  you, only to them.
  • Grief fucks with you; it makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do…
  • Love means the niceties matter less…
  • We often do not foresee the outcome of our actions…We strive to do good things, but often there is a bit of bad in with it all.
  • Damn it, that’s what happens when you let people get too close.  You can’t hide anymore, not even from yourself.
  • …guilt isn’t about logic, and neither is love.
  • Crazy is never logical outside the head of the crazy person.
  • The only part of love that is blind is that first rush of endorphins and craziness; after that wears off, no one knows you as honestly, warts and all, as the people who love you, truly love you.
  • True love means you love the real person, not an ideal that you have in your head and superimpose over them.  That’s illusion and lies…
  • Love is both a great strength…and a great weakness, which depends on the day, the hour, the moment.
  • Sometimes love isn’t about being smart.  Sometimes it’s about being stupid together…love, real love, is full of choices anyway.  Why?  Because love is about hope; you hope that this time it will be different.  Sometimes it is…but sometimes it isn’t…
  • Faint heart never won fair lady; I guess the same goes for winning the fair lad.
  • …regret isn’t about logic, it’s about emotion, and that’s got no logic to it.
  • Sex may not be the answer to everything, but it’s also not the worst answer to a lot of things.  It beats the hell out of anger and killing things.
  • No cop wanted the other cops to see them cry, but as a woman, once you cried at a crime scene you never really lived it down.  Throwing up at a crime scene was better than crying at one.
  • Real spies weren’t James Bond; you didn’t want to stand out or attract too much attention.
  • [in polyamory] when someone you love is happy, you’re happy for them, even if what they’re happy about is another love of their life.
  • If you’re doing it right, love makes you more of who you are, not less…
  • …sex isn’t everything.  It’s nice, it’s great even, if you’re lucky, but everyone, eventually, wants love.
  • …more than any sport, combat means you need a good working team.
  • Some truths don’t make you feel better.  Some truths just hurt more.
  • What constituted brandishing differed depending on which police officer charged you with it and basically meant that they thought you were scaring the civilians by carrying openly.  They bitched at civilians if they carried concealed, and they bitched if they carried openly; sometimes I thought the gun laws were designed to be confusing.
  • Real ghosts are so much easier to deal with than the kind we carry around in our heads.  Most people haunt themselves more effectively than any spirit.
  • …a body isn’t balanced like a barbell.  Bodies are much harder to lift, especially of you don’t want to accidentally hurt the person.
  • …we need hope almost more than anything else, for without it we are lost.
  • Things are only impossible until you find someone who can do it.
  • People expect men to be sex-hungry bastards, it’s the old boys-will-be-boys attitude, but a woman who sleeps around is a whore.  I hated the attitude, but I knew it was a reality in most people’s minds.
  • Most people stop seeing things they experience too often, even the amazing ones.
  • If you don’t feel loved, maybe the outward trappings like weddings and wedding rings become more important?  I’d always thought that the wedding was just an outward confirmation of inner truths, but maybe no.  Perhaps for some people the wedding is the beginning of the commitment, the promise of more…
  • Love is not a one-size-fits-all emotion; there are as many different kinds of love as there are people.
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