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Thankful Day 25

November 25, 2011

So I’ve been away from home for a week now, spending time with family.  I’m done.  I’m so ready for home.  One side of my family is Christian and out of respect for their hospitality, I do not do much religiously while staying in their home (with the except of prayers whether at meal time when my son says our blessing after they do theirs or before bed).  The other side, while very good (moral) people are not religious at all.  I have a bit more freedom to attend to spiritual matters there, typically I just do not feel comfortable doing so.  As a guest, even though I am a welcome guest, it just doesn’t feel right.

Yesterday was my day to honor Zeus in ritual.  Today is the dark moon when I typically honor Hekate.  I’ve been mentally fussing over the fact that I could not do neither with a free and easy heart.  I felt “bad” and disrespectful for not doing so yet I would feel “bad” if I did like I was violating some treaty or something.  Also yesterday being Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something extra for Zeus yet couldn’t find a way to do it that would satisfy my need and the warring part against it.  Typically we spend Thanksgiving at home, but a visit from my out-of-state sister made that impossible.  So I fussed and mentally thought about my deities…and I admit, wondered if they’d be upset with me if I skipped some of it and delayed some of it.

Today  I read “Occupy ‘the Holiday Season’” by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus and several things jumped out at me.

“”The Holiday Season,” technically, is a meaningless phrase from a polytheist perspective, therefore, because every season is a season of holidays.”

“…sometimes things just don’t work out and admitting an honest failure to meet an obligation is the best I can do.  However, I am able to mark these occasions, usually, in some manner or other, no matter how small it may be, that makes them a departure from my daily practices…s.”

“These holy days feed our spirits greatly, and sustain us in between such occasions despite whatever difficulties and trials we face in our non-religious-specific existences. The more such occasions there are to stop and reflect, and to stop and (re-) connect, the greater the likelihood that our daily lives will take on some of that divine energy, presence, and significance—and, with time and patience, it becomes possible that every day may be a holy day.”

I did stop and reflect here and there.  Yet I wasn’t worried about me but their reactions.  I think this article was my answer.  While the gods enjoy the acknowledgement and honors, these days are more for us.  A time out of time to connect with something more.  Stressing about it is doing me more harm whereas these times are meant to be benifical.  I think this was a let it go, we hear and know where you are at.  Go with the flow and do what you can with a glad heart as there will be other opportunities and other times and other festivals.  There is no single once a year “Holiday Season” as every season is a holiday season.  Every season is a time of love, joy,giving and thanks.  Every season.

So today I am thankful for Mr. Lupus and his timely article.

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