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Thankful Day 24

November 24, 2011

I just finished “Gates of Fire” by Steven Pressfield.  I finished it with tears in my eyes in admiration and sorrow for what the 300 did knowing that they would fail in the short run but be an inspiration for all of Greece in the long run.

I got interested in the Spartans after watching “The 300”.  I knew enough to know that only the bare bones of it was factual and I wanted to know what was the truth.  I stumbled upon Sparta Reconsidered.  The more I read the more fascinated I became.  One of the fictional accounts she recommends is Mr. Pressfield’s book which I added to my wishlist.  At some point I purchased this book and tossed it onto my to be read pile.  I picked it up to read last week.

Wow.  This book is amazing.  Mr. Pressfield took the most recent scholarship, a good imagination and sewed up a plausible Spartan society which I found to be hard, but admirable for the time period.  He took the unbelievable valor and made it so much more real and interesting than the movie.  This is the book that should have been made into a movie instead of that comic book of greased flesh (and very nice flesh it was [leers]).  I’ve also heard that someone in the military liked this book so much, he payed for a book for every man under him to read.

So today, I am thankful for Mr. Pressfield and his ability to write a book that really brought the Spartans to life for me.

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