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September 20, 2013

My latest blog post is up over at Pagan Square.  It is a mess but it is what I had.  Trying to research a Mesoamerican divinity is a bitch lot harder than I would have guessed it would be.

Loving the Steampunk tarot or to be honest maybe it is the connection with the guide working through the deck has gotten clearer…  Whatever.  Having some of the cards just speak to me is great.

  • 6 of Cups screams either “Remember!” or “You remembered!”
  • 6 of Pentacles tells me either a relationship needs work or to remember to ask for what I want.
  • Knight of Pentacles tells me to either be practical/prudent or that it is ok to be so
  • Emperor when used as a clarifier has meant to take the other card literally
  • Devil has come up as “don’t make decisions that are against your better judgement/truth”
  • Justice – be true to you
  • High Priestess – learn by doing is the only way in this situation
  • Heirophant – be true to your path; connection to Kronos or Odin
  • 6 of Wands – you earned/deserve this
  • Queen of Wands – be confident
  • Knight of Swords – act on your learning
  • Page of Pentacles – you are ready as you are ever going to be
  • 10 of Wands – you got what you need time to go to work and work hard
  • 2 of Swords – quit dithering, make a decision and move on
  • 4 of Pentacles – there are reserves and then there is hoarding, which are you doing?
  • Ace of Wands – YES; this is the direction you need to go/pursue
  • Judgement – redo, retry, rethink, repurpose

From Equinox until Halloween, is the time on my personal path when the gates of the Underworld are thrown open by Hades in anticipation of his love returning making connections with the Ancestors a bit easier.  This is the time when Kore-Persephone starts making her way back to the Underworld.  The nice, warm days are when she is looking back wanting to extend her time here above.  The cold days are the days when she is looking forward to returning to her love and rushing towards him.  I plan on reviewing memories or doing something to honor the Ancestors on each of those days during that period.  Expect to hear about it.

For the month of November, it is the time that I make a special effort to count my blessings.  I plan on blogging about what I’m thankful for each day.

Lastly, I was thinking about setting up an author page on Facebook.  Here I will post about my writing, blog posts, etc.  What do you think?  Good or bad idea?

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