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New Tarot Venture

April 24, 2013

So…last Zeusday (Thursday), I drew my usual tarot layout for the coming week.  But I also had the urge to do a community-wide draw.  I didn’t read them until today.  Partially out of nervousness, I admit it.  Partially because the timing didn’t feel right until today.

I feel I ought to share that when I first dedicated to Zeus and asked him for a name, he named me messenger.  So I have always tried to share the things I learned about him here and there.  I feel like this maybe the next step of that work.

Tarot deck used is Alchemical Tarot Renewed.  I was going to share both readings but I think I will only share the community-wide draw here.  Keep the focus where it is supposed to be.  (I apologize as I neglected to take a picture of the cards.)

Community:  Emperor – you have a foot in both worlds, spiritual and  physical.  Need to stabilize between the two worlds.

Theme for the week:  8 of Swords – a feeling of repression; of feeling boxed in, contained

Challenges:  4 of Vessels – untenable stasis; balance is not standing still but moving back and forth equally.  Think of your feet.  To move, you need to move both feet, other wise you go in circles.

Best Response:  Lady of Coins – be generous

Keep in Mind:  Hanged Man – look from a different point of view; walk in someone else’s shoes.

Final Thoughts:  Three of Staffs – what you put out will return; connect with others of like mind

Do:  Devil – examine your actions to see where you have contributed to the problem.


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  1. April 24, 2013 1:57 PM

    What community is this for, exactly?




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