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Mental Practice 12/30-1/5

January 5, 2013

12/30:  did vow today after showering around 1pm; tried to move energy consciously through energy centers…felt awkward; during pause heard a water drip (everything starts with one drop/step at a time)

12/31:  10:15 or so, did vow, during pause my son sneezed which made me think of a poem where the sneeze was a positive sign

1/1:  before 11:30, modified the noumenia prayer; son participated, during pause all I could hear/acknowledge was the squirmy bundle of energy next to me.

1/2: vow; all I could hear was the murmmer of my son playing

1/3:  Zeusday, divination, son participated

1/4:  son participated; honored Gaia at his request.

1/5:  vow; 1pm; still looking for a smoother method to do the 2 powers with the tree visual and still move energy through the power centers

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  1. January 6, 2013 9:26 AM

    I don’t work with “power centers” when I perform the Two Powers meditation. I simply imagine myself as a tree, with roots extending down from my feet deep into the earth for nourishment, and leafy branches extending from my head high into the sky to collect the Sun’s energy. I can feel both Powers up and down my spine. The idea of chakras or “power centers” just doesn’t work for me.



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