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Checking in

January 4, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

Keeping up with two blogs can be difficult sometimes.

On the full moon, I did a meditation as I sat on the stairs under the light of the full moon shining through the window.  This poem is the result of that meditation.   I also got a name for the being.  I’m at a loss and not sure where to go with this.  Part of me thinks I’m absolutely nuts.

I’ve been trying to finish up my commitment to last year’s Pagan Blog of the Month.  I’m up to the letter Z.  Lack of quality sleep has me stymied.   A “yearbook” of the posts I have done so far for the project can be seen here.

On the 2nd, during one of the periods where I wasn’t asleep and wasn’t awake, I had this happen.  After a couple tarot spreads, I think I narrowed it down to neglecting of a hospitality gift, one that it had not occurred to me to do because…well…something like that isn’t a typical part of my culture…and I just didn’t know.  If I had thought about it, seriously thought about it, I would have done it.  Lack of sleep, logical mind issues and ummm lack of breeding showing through I guess.

I finished up the book I started back in October on Zeus.  Notes of interest can be found, here.

Zeusday was yesterday and I did get a divination done.  I also did one for the new year. Haven’t found the time and oomph together at the same time to type them in.

Been getting my daily devotional done.  Often my son joins me which is a delight in many ways but makes concentrating on meditation more difficult.  My son goes back to school next week so somethings will get easier to do.

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