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Thankful Day 24

November 24, 2012

Today I’m thankful to be home.  I’m thankful to have a home which is a house and not an apartment.  I’m thankful for our pantry full of food and the freezer that we continually try to restock, for the clothes in our closets and dressers, for the crafty bits that I have, for all our electronics and running water.  If I could give my home a hug right now, I would.

I’m thankful for my pets (including the lecturing young kitten).  Though I admit to be less than enthused by the old cat who filed two protests in our tub (since Hubby neglected to close the door when he came down the hill).  I’m thankful for the money to buy the dog a new bed and the cats a new tree since both of them were falling apart.

I’m gratified that the windpants I bought are exactly what I wanted even if too big.  Just have to send them back and get the correct size.

I’m thankful that Penzy’s took back the bag of lemon pepper that was too salty and allowed us to replace it with the Florida Pepper.

I’m thankful for getting just about everything done on my to-do-list while down in Denver.  (Can you believe I can’t find a 2 minute hourglass egg timer?  I want it for my son so that he brushes his teeth long enough.)

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