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13 Days of New Light

December 13, 2011

As a child, I loved to sing Christmas carols.  As an adult I still do, which is good since my son wants me to sing them with him.  But as a writer, Hermes often pokes me to rewrite things.  A couple of years ago, it was turning the 12 Days of Christmas into the 9 Days of Heliogenna.  This year it seems it is to be the 13 Days of New Light.  (Some stealing…err borrowing done from The Hole in the Stone Yuletide Songbook)

On the first day of new light my true love gave to me

A gold fleece in an oak tree

two bonny lovers

three shiny suns

four chilly winds

five trees of life

six ways of censing

seven cauldrons brewing

eight fires warming

nine pagans dancing

ten drummers drumming

eleven stags a-leaping

twelve months a-passing

thirteen moons a-changing

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