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Heliogenna 2011

December 18, 2011
Solstice ornametn

Heliogenna tree, stitched over 1

The way I celebrate Heliogenna

Day one (12/18): Honor the Protogonoi and Nature spirits/Nymphs/elementals/Fey
Day two (12/19): Honor all Olympic and Celestial Gods
Day three (12/20) : Honor the Chthonic deities and the blessed dead
Day four (12/21) : Demeter’s reunion with Persephone who also brings Helios back up. (my UPG if you will)
Day Five (Winter Solstice): Helios has risen!
Day six (12/23): Spring will come! Honor Demeter and all mothers.
Day seven & eight (12/24 & 25): Honor family and friends
Day nine  (12/26) Day of Thanksgiving. Count your blessings. Give thanks where it is due.

Note:  Day of Thanksgiving floats so that family and friends are always honored on the 24th & 25th.

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