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Souvenir Deck Interview

September 28, 2011

I was given the Etruscan Tarot deck by some friends as a souvenir of their trip to Rome.  People are starting to catch on to my weakness for tarot decks…(woe is me <GRIN>)  I’ve seen this deck in various places but have never handled it.  Comes with a little white book, while different from the norm, really isn’t much help.  I have no idea what use I can make of this deck, so let’s see what the deck has to say.

(Note:  cards 1, 4 and 7 should be centered in the layout.)


5             6


2              3


  1. What is your most important characteristic?  Ace of Wands – described as a mask of sensual life…Living in the moment?
  2. What can you do?  4 of Swords – described as a hunter waiting… wait patiently?
  3. What can’t you do? 5 of Pentacles – described as gathering fallen fruit…can’t help gather fulfillment?
  4. What is your curriculum? Ace of Swords – described as a mask of Wild Fate…this card makes me think of Dionysian plays
  5. How should I use you? Lady of Chalices – described as a lady smell flowers…as entertainment?
  6. Final thoughts? Lord of Chalices – described as a gentleman offering a drink…use in cases of hospitality?
  7. Who wants to work through you? 7 of Wands – described as a hero fighting a monster…Hercules comes to mind.

Q = 18 = Moon & Hermit = confusion and introspection?

I think this is a deck with a sense of humor…reserved for light applications and creative writing exercises.  Honestly I don’t know what else to think.

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