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A tale of twine

March 6, 2013

A widowed king lost in a forest
Separated from hounds and horses
Servants and vassals, food and drink
Wandering alone with the setting sun

Came upon an old woman
Ordinary in appearance
But dark of heart and arts
Who makes the king an offer

Marry my lovely daughter
And guide you free, I will
Or spend your days wandering
Never to see your throne anon.

With trepidation and fear
Her offer was accepted
And the betrothal sanctified
Ere he set forth from the forest

Evil was his blushing bride
Though lovely to behold
An evil step mother
Like the tales of old.

For fearing an untimely death
by his new queen’s greedy hand
The King hid his young son with servants
in the a castle of the Labyrinth Forest

A magical place filled with trees
Growing so close together
Than none may pass
Where the trees deny

Filled with creatures unknown
Where predators become prey
On pathways that shift and turn
Never giving up that which enters

Only one path to the castle
A path no one and nothing can find
Except a particular ball of twine
Of faery breath and one horn hair

The best protection for a beloved child
The only option for a dutiful king
Whose royal duties call him to war
A place not safe for one so young

The war is long and hard
For every skirmish extinguished
Three more spring in its place
No end in sight, no relief for the royal

Yet relief is his for the heir is safe
No matter the desires of his wife
But her wishes take another course
Made regent by his death afar

Upon his body no twine is found
Secreted into the keeping of another
In fury the beautiful tyrant puts out
Stories and rumors, tales and lies

The prince is in the Labyrinth Forest
For the protection of you not him
Monstrously formed, demented too
Man-eating is what he likes to do

I need a hero to free the people
To save the kingdom from darkness
Remove the monster prince from life
And you shall be my husband and king

Heroes come and heroes die to no avail
Unprepared for the trials of the Labyrinth
Years pass and the child becomes a man
Stuck in the protections of the forest

Yet still the keeper of the twine
Watches and waits with growing fear
Too old to face the dangers of the forest
Too distrustful of would be kings

One would be hero comes
with an unlikely servant
his daughter, brave and true
Wise in every way

When death comes stalking
A decision must be made
The realm must be saved
Twine given to the hero’s daughter

Night finds maid and twine
Standing at the Labyrinth’s edge
Putting faith into a dead man’s tale
Risking death for honor and truth

Holding the end, while the glowing twine
Which magically rolls this way and that
Under branches, over roots, on untrod paths
past untold creatures quiet and tame

Straight to the center it rolls
To the castle as the day begins
To find the promised prince
not the queen’s fabled creature

Prince and vassals, maid and twine
Enter the forest darkly
This way and that, under branches
Over roots, past creatures quiet and tame

Like the tales of old, the day was won
Realm with rightful rulers once again
while the queen sent into the Labyrinth
haunted by her heroes dead.

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