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March 29, 2012

Oaken Zeus

Every Thursday, I do something extra to honor Zeus.  It used to be a ritual but honestly I’ve grown to hate doing ritual.  I don’t know why…maybe because it is just me or maybe because I always found the Christian Mass so boring and pretentious.  At any rate it has become a major struggle to do it.  I’ve found myself coming up with excuse after excuse of why not to do it.  I love my ritual format and every thing I do in the ritual so it isn’t that.  It is just the whole formal aspect of it that makes me cringe.    It isn’t that I don’t want to honor Zeus because I do.  It is just that the high regard in which I hold him cannot be adequately portrayed through ritual, for me at least.  It is too structured, too stifling.

So I’ve been doing small things that are more meaningful to me or if nothing readily comes to mind I do a simple tarot spread with his deck to ask Zeus what he would like me to do in his honor.

Do, Don't do spread using Alchemical Tarot Renewed deck.

Situation:  2 of Vessels (cups) – closed/contained system or relationship

Do:  2 of Staffs – Share your passion

How:  3 of Swords – share your struggles; Moon – share your reflections; 6 of Vessels – “Loving means to nurture and give what is needed…doing work is itself an act of love.  However love cannot be forced … true love is to give what is needed to nurture and create strength.”

Don’t Do:  Lady of Staffs – stare at navel

I really do not have anyone that can do rituals with…Hubby doesn’t do rituals and can’t even verbalize adequately who he even honors though I know that he does things in his own way.  Rather Native American in outlook.  My son is young and hasn’t not displayed any interest beyond prayers (though he did ask about meditation…what and why…I struggled to explain THAT one).  So my relationship with him is very much a one-on-one type of situation…and formal ritual just seems over the top.

Yet this very aspect of it makes it hard for me to share about him as it seems like either no one is really interested or there isn’t much to say.  I do enjoy sharing the things I’ve learned but again even that is hard when no one comments…

Zeus doesn’t seem like he is as close as he used to be…it is like he’s waiting me to finish or do something.  I have no idea what so I keep trying to forge a relationship with my guides to see if that is it or at least to see if they can point me in a direction.  Part of it may be seasonal too, I don’t know.  Maybe I’m far enough along that he doesn’t feel the need to pop in as often.  He is sure enough that I’m far enough “in” that I’m not going to easily give up.  I don’t know.

I do know that doing something because I’m “supposed” to do it is not helping.  The more I do it the less I like it and the less honoring it seems and the more forced or obligated.  This means I do not end up doing it as “an act of love” but as an act of obligation.  That is no way to forge a relationship!  So I’m breaking out of the “prison” that the opinion of others has penned me into.  It is a bit freaky but feels good too.  I’m sure I will still do ritual on special occasions but when it is just me…it just doesn’t feel right.  I’m not that formal of a person. That isn’t to say that I can get lazy just that I don’t have a set “task” to do.  I can be creative.  I can be as simple or as elaborate as needed.

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  1. Stephen Glaser permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:57 PM

    So, what will you do, perhaps inner work like meditation, pathworking, etc?


  2. March 29, 2012 4:02 PM

    Whatever moves me…offerings of beeswax candles, some incense that smells good, a poem, a story, a prayer, meditations, research on one of his aspects, tarot work which often gives me an idea of what to do…


  3. tealcuttlefish permalink
    March 30, 2012 2:07 PM

    I don’t comment on the Zeus research because it is Not My Thng. I admire the amount of work and devotion you put into it, however.

    I don’t do much in the way of daily or weekly rituals. I have a young lady in CA I am priestessing and helping to get out of an abusive situation; I talk to and email people with questions, and I know My Lady is always with me, though it took some adjusting to realize that she steps back while I am healing from something big so I can focus on that.

    I think the devotions and studies you do that feel right to you, either on impulse or through personal gnosis, are going be more useful to you than anything you do by rote.


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