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Daily Devotional

Light the Flame: I raise Hestia’s flame
Silver the Well:  Bounty to the Deep (I used my silver oak tree pendent)
Water to forehead, Two Powers meditation, sending the energies outward:
The Well, the Flame, the Tree
Flow and glow and grow in me
Rooted deep and crowned high
I bridge Earth and Sky
Sea around me
Earth below
Sky above
the Worlds stand firm
within and without 
I am one and we are many
Fellowship, in solitude
Here I stand to greet the day
and welcome in the light
with all those that walk
the Old Ways alone.
Raise cup, say then drink
I drink to the Ancestors
I drink to the Earth Kin
I drink to the Gods
Conduct any extra duties for the day or meditate
To all beings in the worlds I drink this cup of fellowship (drain cup)
pause and listen for omen
May this day be filled with peace.
A peace be born within,
setting my heart be set ablaze,
to shine forth into the world.
becoming a source of healing
for all those that cross my path.
Pull in the energies of Well and Flame that you sent out until it surrounds only yourself
Remove Silver: Bounty of the deep flows within me
Extinguish flame: Hestia’s flame glows within me
By the Heaven’s above and the earth below
May this lighten my heart and smooth my way
so mote it be through Ma’at

I then offer some of the well water with a short prayer to Hestia (main altar), Gaia (main altar), Zeus , My Agathos Daimon (in pantry), my Lady, Hermes (front door) and leave the remaining cup of water on my ancestor shrine saying I remember and honor you.

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