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2015 Goals

I have two goals for 2015:  read more and stitch more.  Both are ways to destress.

Goal One:  Read 50 books over the course of the year.  At least half of those books have to be off my to-be-read shelves (currently 20).  At least 12 of them have to be non-fiction (currently 4.

Current books in progress:  Magika Hiera

  1. Finished Life of Pi. 1-3-15  The book I have is the advance reading copy but I can’t imagine it differs much from the original.  FYI, I much prefer the animal story to the second story.  Very much amazed at the imagination of humans…rather wish I hadn’t read this and glad my son didn’t want to finish it.  Donated.
  2. Pay the Piper:  A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple. 1-9-15  A junior’s book that some how made it on my bookshelf.  Tells the backstory of the Pied Piper and how a 14 year old girl found the back door to end his exile. Gave to my son.
  3. Griffin & Sabine trilogy Odd books set popular in the 90s.  Picked them up on a whim.  Quick read.  Would have liked a more concrete ending.  Donated.
  4. Newton and the Counterfeiter:  The Unknown Detective Career of the World’s Greatest Scientist by Thomas Levenson.  An interesting biography though the name is a bit of a misnomer since only about 1/4 of the book covers his hunt for the counterfeiter.  I am amazed at how little I knew about this man.
  5. Guardian of the Road:  A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hermes from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  I hate to say it, especially because I’m on the Board of Directors…but I’m disappointed in this book.  It is one of the few devotionals that left me with no…sense, understanding, je ne sais quoi of the god.  Not even close to one of our better books.
  6.  The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice.  An entertaining read.  Much better than Prince Lestat which I didn’t get past the 10th chapter before giving up.  I look forward to seeing where she goes with this series.
  7. The Last Apprentice:  Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney.  Stumbled across this at the library.  Evidentally it is being made into a movie called Seventh Son.  Eh, its alright.  Definately a Jr. level book, a very quick read.  Story of the 7th son of a 7th son who is an apprentice spook (someone who defends the County from evil) and the trouble he gets into.
  8. The Wolves of Winter by Anne Rice.  Book 2 of the Wolf Gift Chronicles.  Entertaining.  Christmas brings all sorts of new changes to Reuben’s life.
  9. Letters to Juliet by Lise Friedman & Ceil Friedman.  A rather boring book.  It just boggles my mind that people write to a fictitious thirteen year old girl who committed suicide for love advice…Aphrodite must have a hand in it.  That’s all I can figure.
  10. Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth.  A better book than the first I think.  It took me a long time to decide whether to read it or not.  Once I started I hated having to put it down.  Read it all in one day.
  11. Allegient (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth.  My inner romantic is traumatized.  I can’t even decide if I liked it or not because I hated the way it ended.  Too pragmatic, it was…phooey.
  12. Blood Brothers (Book #1 of the Sign of Seven Trilogy) by Nora Roberts.  I rarely read romance books any more…too boring and predictable, yet I enjoyed this one because the romance is part of the story not THE story.
  13. The Hollow (Book #2 of the Sign of Seven Trilogy) by Nora Roberts.
  14. Pagan Stone (Book #3 of the Sign of Seven Trilogy) by Nora Roberts.
  15. Fable Haven (Book #1) by Brandon Mull:  recommended to me by a patron.  Reminds me a bit of Spiderwick.  Junior level content,  a little too tame for my tastes but interesting none-the-less.
  16. Beyond the Pillars:  An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  I enjoyed this rather eclectic collection of Pagan tales.  I also have a poem in it.
  17. Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves:  Women in Classical Antiquity by Sarah B. Pomeroy.  An interesting read on women during classical times.  It wasn’t a quick read for me but it is full of information.
  18. The Goddess in the Gospels:  Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine by Margaret Starbird.  An autobiography by the author of Woman with the Alabaster Jar which I found to be a fascinating read.  This one meandered overly much but had some interesting information.
  19. Unusual Suspects:  Stories of Mystery and Fantasy edited by Dana Stabenow.  Short stories by many popular fantasy authors.
  20. A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton.  The next book in the Merry Gentry series where we FINALLY get to find out about her babies.  Second time I’ve read it but the first time I think I inhaled it more than actually read it.
  21. The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.  An enjoyable continuation of the second Percy Jackson series.
  22. Thor:  The Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron.  Graphic novel.  I’m rather unimpressed with both the storyline and characters.
  23. The House of Hades by Rick Riordan.  Book 4 of the second Percy Jackson series.  Trying to keep ahead of the boychild on this series.
  24. Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis.  Audio book.  Boychild and I enjoyed it.  I own a compilation volume.
  25. The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis.  Audio book.  Didn’t enjoy as well as the others.  I own a compilation volume.
  26. The Tale of Despereaux.  Audio book.  Didn’t care for it but the boychild liked it.
  27. The Horse and his Boy by C.S. Lewis.  Audio book.  It was fine.  Better than the last one.  I own a compilation volume.
  28. The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis.  Audio book.  Narnia origins story but not that engaging.  I own a compilation volume.
  29. The PreHistory of The Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit by Gary Larson.  It was ok.  Amusing to read some of his thoughts but not as funny as I expected.  Was a bit of a chore to finish it.
  30. Dark Symphony by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy.  Her books are always enthralling.
  31. The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan.  Final book of the second Percy Jackson series.  Boychild will be pleased to finally get a chance to read it.
  32. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.  The (audio) book ambles more than I would like and yet my heart broke for Odd by the end.  I totally missed any clues for the sad end.
  33. Dark Demon by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy, this time with a strong female warrior lead character!
  34. Forever Odd by Dean Koontz.  I wanted to see how Odd dealt with the death of Stormy…that is to say not well.  Not sure if I’ll continue the series or not.
  35. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.  Read this a little bit at a time to my son.  Not to my taste but he loved it.
  36. Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris.  A quick read that was interesting enough to hold my attention but not enough to pursue the series.
  37. Waistcoats & Weaponry (Finishing School – Book The Third) by Gail Carriger.  A continuation of a very entertaining series.  BTW I now want a bladed fan and taught how to use it…
  38. Brother Thomas by Dean Kootz.  I keep reading the series because the character interests me and I find myself wondering about him.  This book didn’t settle anything but he did finally get Elvis to move on and acquired a ghost dog.
  39. Dark Magic by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy.
  40. Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan. Brain candy.
  41. Dark Fire by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy.  Not as good as some of the other books but good enough for distraction.
  42. Dark Curse by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy…without a nice tidy pause in the overall story arch which is a bit frustrating.
  43. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling.  Finished reading this to the boychild.
  44. The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis.  Audio book, finished the series.  The worst one of the bunch.  Own this in a compilation.
  45. Wild Rain by Christine Feehan.  Not as good as her other books but entertaining enough to distract.
  46. The Shadows of Christmas Past.  Two novellas by different authors.  Brain candy.
  47. Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan.  Brain candy.  Big build up with a rather quick resolution.  A bit disappointing.
  48. Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkien.  Unimpressed.
  49. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.  Rather unimpressed with this one also.

Goal Two:  My son turns 8 this year.  I have barely got his birth chart started.  I want to stitch an hour a week minimum on his birth chart.  Date and time.  I’m embarrassed to admit that finding the time and effort to stitch on this has been difficult and I don’t understand why…I do like the chart, really I do!

  1. 1/7, 83 minutes included a little bit of frogging.
  2. 1/16:  over 62 minutes, not including the panic attack over leaf color
  3. 1/26:  didn’t get to it last week…50 minutes and 2 bits of frogging (less than an hour ’cause of a good stopping point so that I could get ready for work)
  4. 1/29:  57 minutes or so.  Finished a leaf.
    1. 252 minutes for January
  5. 2/19:  50? minutes.  Stitched filler leaves.  Good stopping point.
  6. 2/20:  60? minutes.  Outlined leaf, lettering on leaf and water beads.
    1. 110 minutes for February
  7. 3/2:  55 minutes.  Ladybug and new leaf started.  Short but good stopping point.
  8. 3/7:  55 minutes.  Finished leaf and flower.
  9. 3/8:  75 minutes.  Frogging, accidental changes, leaf and foxglove.
  10. 3/25:  80 minutes.  foxgloves and outlines.
    1. 265 minutes for March
  11. 4/15:  75 minutes.  Foxgloves and leaves…accidental changes
  12. 4/23:  30 minutes.  Outlining and a leaf.
  13. 4/29:  45 minutes.  Flower, leaves, outlining.
    1. 150 minutes for April (behind by over 4 hours)
  14. 7/18:  60 minutes.  Start stitching foxglove, frog, stitch, frog, stitch then have a complete freakout because I can’t find one damn skein of floss which I’ve used on every stitched freaking foxglove…that has miraculously gone missing.
    1. 60 minutes (unbelievable behind)
  15. 10/18:  60 minutes?  I forgot to time it.  That skein of floss never showed up and I never remembered to buy a new one.  Started on one of the lettering leaves.
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