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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Kiss the Dead Edition

July 10, 2018

Clearing desk space.  Here’s this book’s special quotes:

  • On TV, interrogation rooms are roomy and have big windows so you can watch everything.  In reality, the rooms are pretty small, and there are almost never big picture windows…
  • …pale beige, or maybe it was taupe…it was a bland color described by real estate agents as a warm neutral; they lied.  It was a cold, impersonal color.
  • It takes a truly good person to gain power, strength…and not misuse them.  Most people weren’t that good…
  • Law is almost always made by people who will never see that law in action in a real-world situation…
  • In an emergency you wanted your gun to be absolutely where your body memory could kick in–seconds counted.
  • So many laws sound like a good idea until you try them out in real life, and then you find the flaws, and sometimes people die because of it.
  • People will do a lot to keep that first rush of true, stomach-churning grief at bay, because once you feel it, it’s like it never really leaves, not until the process is complete.  Grief isn’t neat, orderly kind of thing.  It’s messy, and it sucks.
  • People wanted revenge, they thought it would make them feel better; sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.
  • You’re only as tough as your threat is good…
  • They say if you listen to the devil he won’t lie, but he won’t exactly tell the truth either.
  • You don’t look for deer, you look for movement at first; once you have movement then you let your brain figure out what made the movement and if there’s a shape to go with it.  It was actually harder than it sounded to not “look” at any one thing, but to keep your eyes looking for things that weren’t there when there was so much solid stuff to look at.  The eyes want to look at something; the brain wants certainty, not shadows.
  • When you have a badge, sometimes that’s all that’s left; you have to follow the law.  Problem is that sometimes the law is gray, and not clear, and other times it’s too clear–clear, but not just, not right.  Once I’d believed that the law was about justice, but I’d carried a badge and a gun too long not to understand that the law was about the law.  It was about how it was written by people who would never have to stand here in the night with bodies bleeding, and men asking them, What do we do?
  • Americans…are an odd lot.  They value their ideal of freedom beyond anything the rest of us would dream of…in another day and age, America would be in its expansive, empire-building stage, but you came of age too late.  The world leaders, and military, would never allow such conquest now.
  • Ignorance isn’t bliss, but neither is knowledge.  Sometimes you just know more, but it doesn’t make you any happier.
  • …there are moments when it feels like a broken heart is a kind of death…
  • Every person is unique…so every couple is unique.  What works for one couple won’t work for everybody.
  • Being a successful couple was learning what you were willing to compromise on, and what you weren’t; learning when to stand your ground, and when to give it up; what was truly important enough to fight over, and what was just you being pissy.  You learned each other’s hot buttons, the places that hurt, or angered, when you pressed them.  Love makes you lear where all the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them, or how to set them off.
  • Letting someone kill you is harder than it sounds, if you have another option…
  • Some things you can do and live with yourself, but that doesn’t mean they don’t leave a stain on your soul.
  • …when a friendship breaks this badly it doesn’t turn to hatred; it turns to pain.
  • …a dead body doesn’t act like it’s asleep; even the unconscious don’t have the loos-boned fall of the freshly dead.
  • Girls are different, they poke at things; guys do not.
  • Police aren’t paranoid because of some psychological disorder, they’re paranoid because real bad things have happened to them…paranoia was just another word for staying alive.
  • …anyone who lives by the gun…are totalling into preplanning…survival.
  • …women are never thinking nothing.
  • Therapy can get you only so far with exorcising your childhood nightmares; after that it’s willpower, and you, and people you can trust to hold your hand along the way.
  • …who ever said love conquers all was a fucking liar.  Love is a good place to start, but it’s a start, not an end.
  • …sometimes kinky sex isn’t about understanding your lover’s kinks, but just about honoring them.
  • They always said that you stretch to accommodate; well, you do, but there is a limit.  Women vary in how deep and wide they are, just like men vary in length and width.
  • Arguing when someone says something so very true just makes you look stupid.
  • …just because you probably won’t get something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for it, because you never know, sometimes the angels hold hands.
  • My heart heart dropped into my stomach, so that it hurt from chest to gut. They call it a broken heart, but it’s not you heart that breaks, it’s more like your insides are carved out from chest to gut, so you feel hollow.
  • Training doesn’t prepare you for a real fight, not completely.
  • …the strongest man is weak in the face of the determination of someone they love.
  • Love is one of the least fair things in the world.
  • …that was what love was supposed to do.  It was supposed to make things better, not worse…
  • Sociopaths don’t have to show emotion; they do it most of the time because they’ve learned to ape what “normal” people show them, but they never really understand the emotions they act like they have; they are the ultimate actors.  It’s how they blend in, and most of the assume that the rest of us are pretending just like they are; many never realize that the rest of the human race is feeling emotions that either the never had, or were abused out of them.
  • Not every man could do good wall sex.  You had to be long enough, and strong enough, and have stamina, not just the regular sex kind, but legs, arms, hips, in a way that regular intercourse didn’t demand.
  • Apologies that do not lead to better actions are empty things.
  • …new laws don’t change how people feel.
  • …you’re not supposed to understand love; if it made complete sense, it wouldn’t be love.
  • One of the hardest things to learn about being polyamorous was you could be totally heartbroken about relationship B, but still be happy about relationship C, but having C didn’t make losing B less painful.  It meant you had another established relation to help you heal over the lost one, but your heart still broke.  I’d had this idea that if you loved more people you wouldn’t get your heart truly broken unless you lost them all, but like so many theories, reality was different.
  • …it’s not really what you say sometimes, it’s that you’re willing to say something, anything, that you’re just there.
  • Love doesn’t conquer all.
  • Crazy didn’t mean dumb; some insane people were incredibly smart.  Sometimes I wondered if you had to be a certain level of intelligent just to go crazy in style.
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