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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Hit List Edition

May 4, 2018

Crappy (read snowy and cold) weather has me hiding in books.  So more read equals more quotes from Ms. Hamilton/Ms. Blake & Co.  Only the 2nd time I’ve read this…and it’s been long enough it was like reading it for the first time.

  • Death isn’t neat, or pretty or clean; it’s all outhouse smells as your body does everything it can do all at once, one last time.
  • Statistically speaking, over ninety percent of all serial killers are male…female serial killers are more likely to use poison or a gun; a blade is more typical of male serial killers.
  • A policeman’s man job is to prevent harm to others.  Most of them go twenty years and never draw their gun in the line of duty, no matter what you see on television.
  • Cop years are like dog years…multiply by seven.
  • …people consumed by hate are crazy.  It blinds them to the truth, and makes them hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
  • …if you were traveling on the government’s dime they pinched their dimes; pennies didn’t even figure into the equation.
  • You don’t plan love, it just happens.
  • …you never really win in nightmares.  No, they’re all about losing over and over again.
  • Men often make women smile or laugh when they don’t know what else to do.  It’s not a bad survival skill in a relationship.
  • …polyamorous, which means many loves…don’t believe that there’s no insecurity.  There is.  The hardest part about having this many loves in my life is the emotional upkeep.  Trust me, we all have our issues…No one is completely secure.
  • …there is a type of man who feels if a woman is sleeping around he shouldn’t be left out.  It’s almost not personal to the woman; it’s just a guy thing.
  • I can’t prove a negative…It’s easier to prove you did something than you didn’t.
  • A lot of people can do awful things as long as they don’t have to look at it too clearly.  Lying to yourself doesn’t work if the truth is clear enough.
  • Why did so many things that were bad for you taste so good?
  • Sometimes you lie because the alternative is too awful to think about.
  • Multiple choice should have at least one right answer, but some people only come with wrong answers.  Some people are like rigged tests where you can only fail.  One way or another.
  • Could things get any worse?  Wait, don’t answer that, I know the answer.  The answer is always yes.  It can always get worse.
  • Women are less likely to be active abusers, but when they are, it’s usually more violent.
  • Cops usually thought policewomen were only two things:  bitches or sluts.
  • Some days it’s not about catching the bad guys.  Some days it’s about helping the good guys feel better.
  • Anger makes so many things easier.
  • PIllow talk was supposed to be very good for gathering intelligence.
  • Some people are grateful when you  offer them what they want most, but some people are terrified of it.  Because to gain your heart’s desire you have to loose some part of your old life, your old self.  To do that you have to have courage; without it, you can’t make the leap.  And if you don’t make the leap, you have only three choices:  You can hate yourself for not taking the chance, you can hate the person for whom you’ve sacrificed your happiness, or you can hate the one who offered you happiness, and blame them for your lack of courage, convince yourself it wasn’t real.  That way, you don’t have to hate yourself.  It’s always easier to blame someone else.
  • It’s never good when the bad guy’s reactions don’t match normal human emotions.  It means there’s something wrong with them, and that they won’t react like you expect.  They become a sociopathic wild card.  The kind of wild card that can get people hurt, or dead.
  • James Bond is a myth; real spices don’t stand out unless they wish to…
  • Home wasn’t a place, or a building, or a tropical night full of flowers and rain.  Love made a home not out of boards and walls and furniture, but of hands to hold, and smiles to share, and the warmth of that body cuddled around you in the dark.
  • What would have happened if…Sometimes that’s all you’ve got; enjoy the win, don’t worry about what-ifs.
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