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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Flirt Edition

April 20, 2018

Stupid body, stupid stubbornness, stupid, stupid, stupid.  Let’s have some distraction.  Thanks Ms. Hamilton.

  • …sometimes the last thing you want when you’re grieving is truth.
  • Dancing is hard work…and some…women have used their beauty to avoid hard work all their lives…
  • Just letting another human being know that you “see” them is perhaps the most important part of flirting…not all flirting is about sex.  You flirt, in a way, with friends, family, even a job interviewer; you want them to like you, or you want them to know that you are listening, that you care.
  • …a little charm helps a lot in politics, and you want people to like you…
  • I’ve learned in therapy is that when you feel your most safe, most happy, is when the really painful stuff rears its head…You feel safe enough and you believe you have enough of a support network to look at the really bad stuff, so when your life is going its best, we all have a tendency to dredge up the worst of our pain.
  • That was the problem with loving people:  it made you weak.  It made you need them.  It made the thought of not having them the worst thing in the world…It’s a terrible thing to lose someone you love.
  • Hope is a wonderful thing, but it can be used by very bad people to get you to cooperate until it’s too late.  You think you’ll find a way out until it’s too late to save yourself, too late to save others, too late for anything that matters.  Serial killers do that a lot, put a weapon on you in a public area, and then make you get into their car, promising not to hurt you.  They lie.  The general rule is that if someone puts a weapon on you in a busy area where you can yell for help, yell.  Because once they get you alone, what they plan to do to you is a lot worse than getting shot, or stabbed, or a quick death.  You never let the bad guys run the show, ever.
  • Conservation of energy is a very real concept for a predator.
  • …hope will keep you alive, yes, but it will also get you killed in ways worse than anything you can imagine.  Hope is a bad friend when men with guns have you…Hope will lie to you, but lust is what it is; it never lies.  Hope would keep me hoping, but lust might be a weapon I could use to divide them.  Divide and conquer has been a strategy for thousands of years; there’s a reason for that.
  • When God ignores you, the devil starts looking good.
  • When in danger, exits and entryways become important.
  • Animals are very into instant gratification.
  • The trouble with…professional bad guys was that it’s very hard to surprise them.  The only way to do it was to take action before you really think about it, the way you do in martial arts.  You see your opening and you react, because you’ve already made your decision to hurt them before the fight starts.
  • I had to think, which meant neither anger nor fear was my friend.  Fear will keep you alive, and anger will help you in a fight sometimes, but when it came to planning action you needed no emotions.  Be empty, be still and think.
  • …when you run out of good ideas, bad ones start to look better.
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