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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Skin Trade Edition

March 28, 2018

Pithy quotes…Laurell Hamilton…book…blah, blah, blah.  Let’s get to it.

  • Never give the bad guys ideas; they find enough awful tings to do without giving them clues.
  • There are a lot of good profilers working on serials, but I think they miss one thing.  You can’t really think like these people.  You just can’t. You can try.  You can crawl into their heads so far that you feel like you’ll never be clean again, but in the end, unless you are one, you can’t really understand what motivates them.  And they are selfish creatures, caring only about their own pleasures, their own pathology.  Serial killers don’t help you catch other serial killers unless it helps their agenda.
  • …serial killers.  Dead or alive they operate on a logic all their own.  It doesn’t make sense to the rest of us because we’re not nut-bunnies.
  • …putting a stake through someone’s heart is a slow way to die.
  • …cops almost never admit that they’re scared.
  • You’re ex-special teams, which means to you, women are not going to measure up.  You’ve called me a beautiful woman, and that, too, makes most cops and military underestimate women.  But special teams, hell, you don’t think most other military men are up to your level, or most cops.  So I’m a girl, get over it.
  • Because I’m a girl, I gotta be better than the guys to get the same level of respect.
  • Most [serial killers] can’t stop once they get to a certain level of violence.  It’s like a drug and they are addicted.
  • …there comes a point when you  just get tired of explaining yourself.  And, let’s face it, you can’t prove a negative.
  • Don’t get yourself killed because of pride.
  • …sleep does not mimic death.  There is a looseness, an emptiness, to the dead that not even coma can imitate.
  • …love could mean many things, and no matter how similar it looked from the outside, inside it could feel very different.  Good still, but different.
  • Sunglasses may look cool, but they hide one of the best ways to decipher another person.  People can lie with a lot of themselves, but eyes can give a lot away — sometimes not by what they show you but when they go their most hidden.  You can judge a lot be what a person wants to hide.
  • Some give a blank face, some give smiles, but all police have a face you cannot read.
  • Sometimes you keep putting off an emotional reaction until it just becomes moot.  It becomes one more thing that you couldn’t afford to let yourself feel.
  • I’d learned a long time ago that if you packed like a girl, you lost brownie points with the police.  The idea was to try to be one of the guys; that meant you did not bring your entire wardrobe on a job.
  • Some things mark your soul, not in years but in blood and pain and selling off parts of yourself to get the bad guys, until you finally look in the mirror and aren’t sure which side you’re on anymore.  There comes a point when having a badge doesn’t make you the good guy, it just makes you one of the guys.
  • Most serial killers have to keep killing; they can’t, or won’t, stop until they die or are caught.
  • Everyone would want a piece of it.  Everyone would want to help, or feel like they were helping. People hate to feel useless; cops get that squared.  Nothing drives the police more nuts than not being able to fix something…
  • Morgues actually don’t smell much of anything.
  • Sometimes the best you can do is delay the worst part, for just a little bit.
  • An autopsy for a murder victim is very intimate.  It’s not just the cutting of the body but the undressing.  You don’t want to cut or further damage the clothes, in case you mess up clues, so you have to pick the body up, hold it, undress it like some huge doll or sleeping child.
  • A body in full rigor is like trying to undress a statue, except it feels unlike any statue you could ever touch.
  • It’s always the living that fuck up death; the dead are fine with it.
  • If you fear nothing…then you are not brave; you are merely too foolish to be afraid.
  • Pity will make you hesitate…a lot of serial killers have pitiful childhoods, hideous stories, where they were the victims — most of the are even true. But none of it matters.  It doesn not matter how horrible their childhoods were, or whether they were victims themselves.  It does not matter when you are at their mercy, because one thing that all serials have in common is that for their victims, there is no mercy.  When you forget that, they kill you.
  • …some days you just choose which ass-chewing you’re gonna get.
  • …if God is truly a God of love, then why would he have a private torture chamber where he put people that the was supposed to love and forgive to be punished forever?  If you actually read the Bible, the idea of hell like in the movies and most books was invented by a writer.  Dante’s Inferno was ripped off by the Church to give people something to be afraid of, to literally scare people into being Christian.
  • Maybe if you lie for a good reason, you get a pass.
  • It’s always bad when the brain goes, Nope, I’m not letting you see that.  It’s the mind’s last warning for you to close your eyes and not add to the nightmares.
  • …most police work is very Occam’s razor.  Yeah, the simplest solution is the right one.
  • People lie for the stupidest reasons.
  • Closure was a word therapists used to make you believe that the pain would stop, and that punishing the bad guy, or finding out why, would bring you peace.  It was the biggest lie of all.
  • It wasn’t the grope, though, it was the attitude that the women weren’t real; none of us in the club were truly people to most of this crowd.  I’d seen it with the female customers at Guilty Pleasures and how they treated the male strippers.  Dancers weren’t quite the same as real people, or you’d never be able to act like you do at a club. It was probably one of the reasons I had never been uncomfortable at one of them…I never forgot that everyone was real.
  • …even the straightest of [the male dancers] can get pretty disgusted with the way female customers act.  I imagine it’s the same for the women with the male customers.  If your experiences are bad enough, it can turn you a little bisexual.
  • …there are bad guys in every profession.
  • Some gestures are not about being a girl or a boy, but just how long your hair is.
  • …accidents happen when you’re drowning in adrenaline.
  • …sometimes physical height isn’t what tall is about.
  • But sometimes, when you’re really scared, illusion is all you’ve got.  Cling to it, baby, cling to it.
  • One rule with serial killers:  make them kill you in public, because whatever they’ll do to you in private will be worse.
  • …dancers make their living on the customer’s hope that real sex is possible.  It’s all about advertising but never really selling.
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