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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Danse Macabre edition

January 10, 2018

I’m cleaning of my desk…yeah that’s it…not trying to avoid responsibilities or anything…stop looking at me that way.  Tired of these yet?  🙂  I hope not as I still have 10 or so books to go and I seem to be going through them at a quick pace lately.

  • Hot anger can feel good, but the cold will protect you better
  • Only family can fight as dirty as best friends.
  • You don’t poach your friends’ guys.  That is a rule.
  • …some promises you can’t keep no matter how hard you try.
  • The practicalities of life do not cease needing to be done just because other things are going wrong.
  • Just because something’s hard doesn’t mean you give up on it.
  • Leaving a little bit of sperm behind doesn’t make you a father.  It’s what you do afterward…
  • It was a coldness of the heart, or the soul, or the mind.  That cold that eats a hole through the middle of who you are and leaves something dark and awful behind.
  • Lack of sleep makes anyone’s temper worse, and makes the most expedient solution look good.
  • A child is a great blessing…but like other great blessings, they require a great deal of time, attention and energy.
  • …life isn’t fair, but I try to be.
  • Feelings are never stupid, the just make us feel stupid sometimes.
  • Intercourse you want to last as long as possible; orally duration is not always an asset.  Two very different skill sets.
  • Still it might be nice, once in a while, not to have to choose between evils.  Just once, couldn’t I choose from the lesser good?
  • The idea of the feudal system is that the people at the top take care of the needs of those on the bottom, but I have seldom seen it work that way….it’s like trickle-down economics; it only works if the people at the top are really good, decent people.  The system is only as good as the people in power.
  • …you can’t run from yourself.
  • There are always mysteries and surprises in every love affair.
  • When I was younger, I’d wanted someone to promise me that things would work out and nothing bad would would every happen again.  But I understood now that that was a child’s wish.  No one could promise that.  No one. The grown-ups could try, but they couldn’t’ promise, not and mean it.
  • Guns only work against things you’re willing to kill.  If you’re not willing to kill, then a gun is, in some ways, a false sense of security.
  • Some people are mysteries and knowing them well doesn’t make them less mysterious.  Less confusing sometimes, but not less mysterious.
  • Important safety tip:  if you’re going to do the big threatening speech, be in a comfortable shooting stance when you do it.
  • Love is too precious to waste…
  • no one likes knowing that they’re utterly replaceable.  We all like to be special.
  • …burns just seem made to eat the world.  The pain eats everything else.  You can’t think about anything but the pain.  The grinding, biting, aching, nauseating pain.
  • …slang does not travel well, not across countries, or centuries.
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