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Wisdom of Anita Blake: Cerulean Sins Edition

December 28, 2017

To be fair not all these quotes are Anita’s but pithy none-the-less.  Eleventh edition, I believe.  I forgot how much this series makes me think of a lost love.

  • I’ve learned to listen to my thoughts.  You’re not paranoid if people really are out to get you.
  • Rumor can say anything it damn well pleases.
  • Most people notice your face, not the rest of you.
  • Say less, it irritates people.
  • They say love conquers everything.  They lie.
  • Sometimes you deal with the devil not because you want to, but because if you don’t someone else will.
  • A cemetary should have something to remind the people passing by that there is a heaven, and not just a hole in the ground with rock on top of it.
  • There is no higher praise between policemen than that they’d let you back them up in a life or death situation,
  •  Americans are taught not to stare at anything that isn’t perfect.  It’s like to look at it is to make it more real.  Ignore it, it’ll go away.
  • Survival [takes] precedence over emotional pain.
  • Cardinal girl rule…Never date anyone prettier than you are.
  • …zealots are never quite sane.
  • …beauty is not always what it seems, that lust is not always better than love, that power alone is not enough to fill the bed or the heart…
  • …love can grow without the touch of sex, and that sex does not always lead to love.
  • …love is not about possession.
  • Forcing someone to have sex with a partner they find repugnant is a form of rape…
  • Any man who starts at my feet and then goes up has lost pretty much any chance he has to impress me.
  • Feeling bad sucks, and nausea is one of the great evils of the universe.
  • Police work will eat you up and spit you out.
  • …that’s why dogs are so damn popular.  You can cuddle a dog as much as you like and the dog never thinks about sex, or pushing your social boundaries in any way, unless you happen to be eating.  Dogs will invade your social boundaries for table scraps, unless trained to do otherwise.
  • Shutting the fuck up is seldom a bad move…
  • Sex is not just intercourse, or even just orgasm…
  • Sometimes love makes you selfish.  Sometimes it makes you stupid.  Sometimes it reminds you why you love your gun.
  • You don’t read your favorite childhood stories aloud to people you fuck, you read them to people you love.
  • This was one of those days when I thought that maybe a new life, a different life, wouldn’t be so bad.  But where the hell had I put the receipt, and could you return something that was over twenty years old? Where do you go to get a new life when your old one has you so puzzled you don’t know how to fix it?
  • One of my goals in life was to stay the hell out of a courtroom.
  • I’d like to save all my friends, but if someone is bent on self-destruction, there is only so much you can do.  You can’t shovel other people’s shit for them, not unless they’re willing to pick up a shovel and help.
  • When it is a choice between cowardly or stupid, I choose stupid every single time.
  • The police are like most people…they don’t like thinking outside the box.
  • It was like noticing the sun.  You couldn’t help but see it, to turn to face the heat of it, to bask in the glory of it.  But often when the sun is high in the sky, the moon is up there, too.  A dim memory of what she will be in the night, but there, nonetheless, dim and misty, hard and white.  At night, there is only the moon, the sun is nowhere to be seen.  There are no distractions when the moon rules the night sky.
  • Never interrupt when you’re winning.
  • Nothing takes the wind out of your sails when you’re trying to be scary like being ignored.
  • …sane people don’t hack their hair off at home with scissors.  Cutting your hair like that is usually a substitute for hurting yourself in other more permanent ways.
  • Nature isn’t always pretty, or friendly.
  • Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.
  • Bodyguards can’t do shit about emotional stress.
  • Never argue when you are winning.
  • Anyone who looks innocent after thirty is either lying, or touched by the hand of God.
  • …you have to make time for what’s important.  Yout have to fight to carve little pieces of happiness out of your life, or the everyday emergencies will eat up everything.
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