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Anubis Chart

October 9, 2017

Anubis Cross-Stitch by me

I designed and stitched this piece for a friend.  Below is the chart.

I stitched it in specialty threads:  metallic (actually Coats Ultra Metallic, a very fine quilting thread which made the back stitch turn out so beautifully and it didn’t fray!), DMC rayon and Krenik braid.  The chart below calls for DMC colors.  I stitched it on linen but evenweave would be fine too.  Mostly because of the backstitching is not always at the square corners which makes it more difficult to stitch on aida.  This chart is free for personal use.  Do not kit.  Do not sell.


Anubis Chart by Aj Brokaw Free, for personal use only. Do not kit.


Author:                  Aj “Feisty Kat” Brokaw

Grid Size:               36W x 37H

Design Area:         2.14″ x 2.21″  (30 x 31 stitches)


Legend: Stitches (my apologies the symbols will not copy correctly)

white dot on black              DMC Cotton 310    black

diamond on yellow            DMC Cotton 972    canary – dp

square on blue              DMC Cotton 820    royal blue – vy dk


Legend: BackStitch Lines

DMC Cotton 972    canary – dp


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