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Tarot Writing Prompt: Sun & Moon’s Queen of Wands

April 28, 2017

WdQn Sun & Moon


“Showtime.” I think to myself.  I stand just beyond the edge of the light of the bonfire, my familiar at my side.  I nod a signal to the others, then stride to the flame and light my dancing stick. 

I gently herd those around the fire so that they stand on the other side of the bonfire.  Breathing deeply to calm myself, I focus on its sound.  I must be calm so that I can focus.  I don’t want to harm myself or others as I perform my dance.  Aja sits in her usual spot, close enough to me to defend me if necessary but far enough away to avoid flames of both my stick and the bonfire.

I turn to face the stars and their timelessness.  Then I start to dance.  Ignore the muttering.  Ignore the wordless approval.  Just dance.  Dance for yourself.  Dance for the Kindreds.  Dance for focus, theirs and yours.  Dance.

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