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Tarot Writing Prompt: Sun & Moon 5 of Pentacles – Worry

April 27, 2017

P5 Sun & Moon

He found her lying there on the grass next to the temple wall.  She was curled into a ball, sobbing her heart out.  Quietly he squatted down next to her, pushing his small dog to the side.  “Are you hurt?  Physically I mean.”

She rolled her body silently from side to side, a fraction of an inch.

Relieved, he finished lowering himself to the ground, his back against the wall.  Close enough that she knew he was there, but far enough away that she could move freely if desired.  His dog, a white fluff ball, with black ears, crawled his way up to his favorite perch, the man’s shoulder.

As he waited patiently, he wondered if someone had died for her to be fretting so.  Maybe she had received bad news.  Slowly the woman quieted.  “Do you want to talk about it?”

She shook her head no but then everything came rushing out like run-off in the mountains on a warm spring day.  She talked about things in her past that still made her heart sore.  She talked about things in her future that she was worried about.  He let her run on until the deluge came to an end.

Of everything he could have said, what he did say surprised her.  “What do you hear?”

She felt like screaming at him.  But she bit her tongue and said, “I hear birds in the trees.  I hear the wind rustling the leaves.  I hear your dog panting.  I hear the murmur of people around the temple.  I hear vehicles driving down the street.

“What do you smell?”

She rolled on to her back.  “I smell the fresh cut grass.  I smell the tree blossoms.  I smell BBQ smoke.  I smell wet dog fur.”

He smiled at that.  “What do you feel against your skin?”

She sighed.  “I feel the seam of my leggings digging in.  I feel the grass between my toes.  I feel a slight breeze against my skin.”

“What do you see?”

She looked up.  “I see fluffy clouds.  I see tree branches against the sky.”

“What do you taste?”

“The bitterness of coffee.” Another sigh.

“Can you change what happened in the past?  Can you rewrite it at this moment?”

The urge to cry welled up again, but she forced it away. “No.”

“Will huddling here rewrite the future in any way?”


“Then for today, let it go.  Live here, in this moment.  Not in the past.  Not in the future.  Here.  Yesterday’s ink has already dried on the page.  Editing it isn’t possible.  Tomorrow’s page is unwritten.  Let’s see what today holds.”  He put his dog down and dusted off the mud left behind.  Standing up, he extends his hand to her.  “Let’s go explore it.”

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