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Deck Interview: Sun and Moon Tarot

March 23, 2017

I bought this deck last Saturday because I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I don’t need another deck, I thought.  I rarely use all that I have as it is.  Bought it anyway.  My first impression is that it is a very loving deck.  The purpose of the interview is for me to figure out what to do with it.

Look, I even took a picture for a change.  Lots of reverses which tells me it is a deck for internal work.


  1. Important Characteristic(s):  9 Swords/Cruelty, R – Light-hearted, gentle, loving, aid in reversing negativity.
  2. Will do:  8 Swords/Interference, R – help cut through what is holding you back; clearly define choices
  3. Won’t do: 4 of Pentacles/Power, R – will not set boundaries, not good for defining physical actions, mental/internal work only.
  4. Curriculum:  Hermit, R – guide others; aid in getting out of your head and off the wheel of doom.
    1. Clarifier:  Magician, R – Remove illusions, self imposed or otherwise
  5. Uses:  Sun, R – Confidence boost; see through falseness; devotional/spiritual acts; illumination
    1. Clarifier:  8 Wands/ Swiftness – Wade through extraneous
  6. Final thoughts:  5 Swords/Defeat – stop the I can’ts, the worse case scenerios, the overwhelming self with negativity
  7. Who works thru/with this deck:  Star, R – me.  I am the star, my tool for aiding others

Base card:  3 Pentacles/Works – working deck

Quintessence:  80 = 8 = Justice – cut away illusion, misdirection, self-deceit

Final question:  use for self too?  6 Wands/Victory – YES

Q2 = 86 = 14 = Temperance – reconcile paradoxes, conflicts; the middle path, integration

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