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Happenings: September-ish

October 1, 2016

Stuff happened during the September moon-month

9/2 – 9/6:  Prepped for dove hunting.  Read three books and most of a forth.  Ate.  Talked. Colored.  Sweated. Collected mosquito bites.  The ride home took longer than expected as we had to stop in Denver for truck repairs so I missed work on Tuesday.

9/7:  Not very motivated today but I did start laundry and clean out 2 drawers on my desk…only to find my missing stitching case.  Thinking about closing this blog and starting a new one as this one originally started out Zeus focused; then added Hekate-who-wasn’t who turned out to be Isis; with Hermes and Hestia, Aphrodite and Ares on the edges.  Now all of them have taken a “back seat” to Horus so… but I’m not positive as of yet but definitely mulling it over.  Because truck repairs were not enough for the retrograde, Hubby has been struggling with his van all day.  Work is very stressful, it just keeps getting worse.

9/8:  Got boychild set up for an eye exam tomorrow.  He’s complaining about his eyesight in his right eye…the eye that got hit with a stick in June.  You can see a scratch on it over the pupil…I’m rather worried about it.  Setting up new blog…under a new name.  Not sure how much I’m going to publicize it though…or whether to close this one. Made dinner and watched the Bronco game.  Can’t believe the Panthers’ kicker missed.

9/9:  Eye exam.  Long story short, boychild has a lazy eye and scarring on his cornea.  Getting glasses to hopefully correct the eye problem.  Trip down the hill.

9/10:  Errands and haircut.  Realized close to dinner time that I can’t eat one of my favorite pork roast recipes due to tomato content of the soup.  Very unhappy.

9/11:  Morning trip to pick produce.  Didn’t get as much as we should have but since I can’t eat tomatoes, we were a bit unsure what to pick.  Spent the afternoon with my mother, whose birthday is today.  Making an effort to live life and not dwell on the happenings of 15 years ago.  That is my FU to the terrorists.

9/13:  Get the call as I’m getting ready for work that the children’s librarian I assist during the school year has turned in his 2 weeks notice.  I’m so not going to take his place.  I will do the after school program (ASP)but that’s it.

9/14:  Met with the exiting librarian to try and quickly finalize things for ASP.  Talked with the director before that meeting, told her I’d still do the program but was not going to do the summer stuff and would help where needed as long as I still got to work the circulation desk.  I was also honest with her about my lack of child affinity.  I like books, I like crafts…bratty, undisciplined children, not so much.  Suddenly I’m getting a text from my boss saying that the director is telling everyone I’m taking over the children’s librarian job.  Uh no that isn’t what I agreed to…typed up a letter summing up our conversation which I gave to her, to my boss and one other at the library. CYA.  Spent my evening shift finding themes for ASP so that the flyer can be printed ASAP.

9/15:  Was informed at work today, that I’m getting a new nametag that says Children’s Librarian, a work email address, business cards and oh you are responsible for the weeding and ordering for the J section, assisting with the non-fiction section.  Wait…WHAT?!  Please meet with the other two librarians to coordinate decorating the children’s section.  [head/desk] and repeat.  PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!  This isn’t what I was signing up for…oh crap.

9/16:  catching up on overdue writing obligations…got most of them done but not all.  Took boychild to get his glasses.  He’s happy to be able to see better but is worried that he’ll be teased at school.  My heart bleeds for him ’cause I’ve been there.

9/17:  My 22nd wedding anniversary.  Did things around the house, boychild went to a birthday party.  Hubby took us to a really nice restaurant for dinner:  Cajun crab cakes, French onion soup, bread with lingonberry butter, ribeye with gorgonzola sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus and rich, creamy risotto.  Got some pics of the moon reflecting off the lake nearby.

9/18:  Hubby worked.  Woke up with a neck-caused headache from pillow issues.  A little bit of housework and food prep before watching the Bronco game.

9/20:  Met with one of the other Children Librarians (CL) in the morning to go through our craft cabinets.  Still have a few to go through and need to meet with the exiting CL.  Came home, lost my temper with both my guys for things not done and aid not given.  Back to work.  Flyer finished, just need numbers and to print.  Finished a book…I miss the time I had for reading and crafting…it seems all I do is work and clean and feel guilty when I take time to do some me stuff, cause there are THINGS that still aren’t done and need to be.  Pickled carrots are yummy.

9/21:  read, loafed, had guilt issues for loafing. Work, brains fell out and didn’t get the fliers printed.

9/22:  printed over 650 fliers and co-workers helped me fold them.  Couldn’t find a day timer in this town that would fit into my purse.  Hubby talked me into canning chiles.  I think he’s worried about me having things to eat that won’t bother my gut.  Canning means we know exactly what goes into it and no preservatives.

9/23:  Packed.  Rearranged pantry.  Down the hill.

9/24:  Yard sales with sis, mom and kids.  Candle party at HS with my sister.  Dinner then HS’s hubby helped my hubby with his van troubles.

9/25:  Breakfast and stroll with HB, some catching up and some discussion about a poly relationship.  Just gonna have to see where this leads…100 miles apart, busy lives which involve minors means there just isn’t a lot of time.  Saw end of Bronco game, loaded up, Sam’s club, Hu Hot (some minor issues) and long drive home due to paving projects.  I think I saw an owl fly over the road on the way home.  Friend gave us a bushel of carrots, green beans and plus some other veggies.  More canning in my future.

9/27:  Met with the exiting CL, which wasn’t as productive as I had hoped but he is at least cleaning up his to do pile.  Other work worries occurring…wish things would come to a conclusion so that we could move forward with less stress.  More canning:  green beans, pickled green beans and roasted red bell peppers.  Tried to get a prescription filled, so have to have my physical tomorrow.  I hate going to the doctor…she wants a mammogram, blood test to check for thickness and I can’t have a pap smear until November.  What a pain.  Completely disinterested in the intolerance issues but to be fair, insurance companies and such have made it so if you go in for a wellness exam that’s all you get or they have to charge you more every additional issue or question you want to discuss.  Luckily or surprisingly menopause issues still fall under wellness, hence the ability to get my meds renewed.  Canned roasted red bell peppers, green beans and pickled green beans.

9/28:  Wellness check and prescription renewal.  I’m supposed to schedule a mammogram.  Canned more green beans and Hungarian roasted peppers.

9/29:  Got my review from the exiting CL.  I wasn’t happy.  He never spoke to me about any issues he had with me but there were some lower marks on the form.  I was pretty upset.  Told the director about my disagreements.  I wouldn’t have been so upset if he had mentioned something to me in the past, so the lower marks wouldn’t have been such a shock.  More carrots pickled.



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