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Happenings – August-ish

September 1, 2016

A journal type post with stuff in it.

8/3:  Dragonfest officially begun and I took no notes so this is from memory.  Attended staff breakfast and evening opening ritual.  I think this was the day I had some energy work done by HB and am starting a poly relationship with him.  We’re taking it very slow for many reasons. Don’t remember anything specific beyond that.  It may have been this morning that I meditated on Horus again.  This time he took me and seated me to the right of his throne…at a herald’s position then continued with his business.  By the time this was done, I had the strong impression that I needed to be a walker for HB who is planning on drawing down Isis on Friday.  Any time I started to doubt that, I got a falcon scream in the ear.  Most disconcerting.

8/4:  Went to the Drum and Chant workshop…have a new earworm damn it.  Went to a “Meditative Coloring” workshop which was mostly coloring but hey it was coloring.  Attended the women’s mysteries in the evening.

8/5:  Re-dyed a silk shirt at a workshop only to discover it was too small for me, so I gave it to a friend.  Prepped for the drawing down, including a make-up drawn eye of Horus.  Was given a fluorite necklace by HB and Isis as a thank you for walking for them.  He said she picked it out.  In the middle of attending to my walking duties, to make a long story short, I ended up aspecting Horus. Later, one of my campmates told me that in no uncertain terms I needed to work the drawing down next year as a vessel for Horus.  My husband told me that he was glad she told me as he had been trying to figure out all evening how to tell me that something was up with me that afternoon that I wasn’t “normal”.  Another person also told me I ought to draw down for this.  Crap.  This kicks up all sorts of buzzing in my head…I have no training for this…can you be trained for this?

8/6:  Not sure what I did this day other than attend the corporate meeting.  Attended the evening ritual which was a Heathen Blot…one of the presenters was so awesome that if I wasn’t already on a path, I’d become Heathen…she was that good.  During the ritual, a big slushy raindrop hit me in the face.  In wiping it off, the ring on my hand snagged my piercing pulling the star off.  I heard in my head “take that damn ring off”.  Didn’t hurt but sent me into a panic as I’m not supposed to change the jewelry for 3 months.  Couldn’t find the star, ending up combing the festival for something to replace it since gravity works and the bottom part of the piercing wasn’t going to stay in place.  Was very upset and flustered…then Hubby asked me if I had changed my estrogen patch at all this week.  I was several days late…oopsy.  As for the ring it was the one that I wear for Zeus and Isis.  I’m pretty sure the command was from Horus.  At any rate, no more ring on my right hand, at least until the piercing heals.  The ring is in my jewelry and needs to be put on their shrine.

8/7:  Naked Making Bacon Day…’nuff said.  After closing ritual, one of the people I/Horus spoke with, approached me and thanked me.  I was a bit embarrassed and not sure I handled it as well as I should have.  At the giving tree afterwards, there was a staff.  Horus made it know that he wanted that staff.  I resisted and then felt some panic when it looked like one of the children (who go first) started to reach for the staff.  So I grabbed the staff and one other item, a tarot deck.  As soon as I opened the deck, I realize it was meant from my friend’s son who turned 18 that day.  When he started to peruse the deck, he pulled out a card to show me then pointed at my staff.  It was Ra-Horus and the staff he was holding was remarkably similar to the one I was holding…w3s scepter/staff.

8/8:  Walked the site with only 5 people (not happy about this), watched Hubby and HB  set up the bower for the wedding next weekend.  Home.  Missing my village already.  Cats were very glad to see us.  Laundry…a mountain of laundry.

8/9:  Woke up to a cat on either side of my hips.  Work.

8/10:  Got the items boychild needs for school.  Trimmed a tarot card needed for the wedding ceremony.  Watched Corpse Bride with boychild; found it better than Nightmare before Christmas at least.  Work. Finished the camping laundry.  Eye color of an Egyptian divinity is not necessarily as one would expect.  I ordered a pendant that represents him with star diopside eyes.  Was thinking about a variety of different stones but when I asked my eyes snapped to the diopside, which I hadn’t even considered.  By the time I was done, I had another “Horus headache” which is when my 3rd eye aches/is spinning after a communication with him.  Need to figure out how to work through that.

8/11:  Worked then packed up and drove back to the site for the wedding this weekend.  Managed to fit in a little bit of research…seems the staff represents the dominion over Set/chaos.  I’m very resistant to having a staff with that meaning as I worry about what it could engender.  This still seems so odd to me…at times I wonder if I’ve lost my marbles.

8/12:  Hair color too doesn’t match what I would have expected either.  Set up chairs and tables for the wedding.

8/13:  Helped with decorations, then helped keep the food trays stocked during the reception.  Eventually dance music was played.  First time in a long time I felt like dancing.  Great wedding…had a number of different elements that I would have liked to have had in my own…

8/14:  Very sad.  Packed everything up and went home.  So miss my village.

8/15:  So pissed.  Found a fraudulent charge to our checking account.  No one seems remotely interested in helping. I have a hard time believing all officers were too busy all day to take a report and I can’t dispute the charge until we have an official police report.  Medical bill in that STILL hasn’t been properly billed to my insurance.  Just one thing after another today…generally irritated with humanity.

8/16:  Nagged the police department until they asked me to come down to take the report.  The officer was irritated with the bank because realistically there isn’t anything they can do and all this does is generate pointless paperwork.  Work.  Weeding out the DVR.

8/17:  Boychild first day of school.  Was very excited.  Told me that he had worried that his writing issues may have made him repeat 3rd…claims to have learned his lesson.  I certainly hope so.  Worked a split shift today.  In between shifts, I went to the bank and got the dispute rolling then picked up the boychild who said he had a great day.  After work and dinner, started work on the staff due to more research I gave in and am more comfortable with it…it will be similar to a w3s-scepter but not extremely close as the knot on the end doesn’t have the proper slant, length and whatnot.  Hubby helped.  I was going to do it by hand but I just don’t have the upper arm strength and the knot is pretty hard so we used the scroll saw to take the big pieces off.  Lots of sandpaper in my future.

8/19:  Packed for fishing trip and left.

8/20:  got to do a little jeeping

8/21:  started sanding the w3s, came home in the evening

8/23:  Horus pendant arrived and it is perfect though the stone isn’t as I expected but it does have a bit of a “twinkle”…my logical side is pitching fits over the Horus aspecting thing whole thing…am I crazy, delusional or…really blessed?  Is there a difference?  Boychild claims to be ill but doesn’t really seem like it.  Found out he got some grief from classmates for helping younger kids during a kickball game…is this the problem?  Don’t know.

8/24:  Tarot work.  Read some novellas, picked up the police report and delivered it to the bank.  Finished the 2nd gift chart for a Halloween exchange.  Stitchin’ Witch Hat.  Need to get to stitching on it.  Boychild claiming upset stomach off and on but still eats healthy dinner.  No idea what is going on with him.  Comes home from school in a great mood.

8/25:  Tarot reading before work.  Watched Rio with boychild.

8/26:  Day didn’t go as planned thanks to a supposedly ill child.  Still not sure how sick he is as he goes through bouts where he wants to get up and do things.  Still think it is an emotionally related illness but he denies it and refuses to discuss it.  When he asks why I don’t believe him, I mention lies he’s told in the past and that he has reacted this way before. Did get altars cleaned and rearranged.  Zeus and Isis went onto the main altar with Heru taking the window altar and Aphrodite’s altar has changed a bit…more family and self-love based than before.

8/27:  Boychild sicker than I thought.  Did ask me to teach him how to cross stitch…lasted for 4 stitches before he said he didn’t have the patience.

8/29:  my last couple of meditations have had Anubis and Bast in them.  Which has left me stunned and I’d share the contents as per usual but…I’m not sure I believe what is happening so I’m not even going to try to get someone else to believe it.

8/31:  Went to the fire engine induction ceremony, meeting the boychild with his school. Meditation with Bast. After I picked him up…wow it’s like he crammed 5 days of misbehaviour in an hour.  I was so angry with him I went to work without my nametag and proper shoes.

9/1:  Work and laundry put away.  I’ve been on the fence about going dove hunting as I do and don’t want to go…Tarot reading said to “let yourself go”.  Dark moon reading with/for the ancestors…they at least tell me that I’m not crazy, to be positive and face my fears.

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