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Daily Moon Month Readings: July-ish

August 9, 2016

Hoping to get back into the saddle…

7/6:  Noumenia.  First one I’ve done in a while.  Watched Deadpool…not as good as I had heard.

7/8:  Hair cut even shorter.  PokemonGo…well it does get me to walk more…

7/9:  attended a bridal shower where I repeatedly felt like crying due to someone else’s emotions.  I block it out but as soon as my attention relaxed, I was back to being emotional.  So tiring.

7/10:  4 hour drive home due to two different road closures

7/11:  designed a cross-stitch chart for a Halloween ornament exchange.

7/12:  brought home a cute library book on Mischievians which the boychild and I read together…here all this time I thought it was the fairies making my life difficult!

….so much to do so little time

7/15:  took in wedding gift to get framed

7/16:  Helped at school yard sale then stacked the wood we brought home last night.

7/17:  spent the day splitting and stacking the wood the guys brought home yesterday.

7/18:  Know:  7 of Stones/regret, Do:  Sojourner/King of Mirrors, Remember:  Divine Child/Hierophant.  Let go of your regrets and sorrows, it is time to move on.  Work/walk through your emotional issues.  Remember to pamper your inner child, for she knows more than you realize.  Dinner was a bad idea.

7/19:  rough day…combination of insomnia, boychild, hormones and milestones.  Challenge:  Mime, Response:  Pilgrim, Do:  2 of Spirals/Choice, Reason to laugh:  Illusionist.  Challenge is to silently climb my mountain, response is to keep moving forward, plugging away; it is all about choice; smile because you are fooling yourself and being silly…fake it ’til you make it.  Full moon + reading.

7/20:  Still suffering from Monday and an ovarian cyst just to make it fun.  Split schedule today and so tired.  Miss my sleep.  Haven’t slept well in 4-7 days.

7/23:  boychild’s bad choices continue to surprise…this time even upsetting my MIL.  Renn Faire.

7/24:  MIL took me this morning to buy me a Galaxy Nook for my birthday.  I was very surprised.  I then expected my family to do something for my birthday…only to be offhandedly given cards and some money and that was it.  It was totally bewildering since my mother always has at least one wrapped gift (because she knows that is probably the only gift I’ll get to unwrap) then a special meal or dessert.  Yeah nothing…I kept waiting for the punchline that never arrived.  Got home and the more I thought about it the more upset I got… I told my husband that I always try hard to do something for others so I don’t understand why they were so unusually causal.  Part of me feels really bitchy for being hurt but I am so hurt.

7/25:  came home to a very angry and upset Hubby, a child stomping off to bed and a partially cooked dinner.  Hubby wanted to do up a special dinner for me but the boychild’s lack of cooperation/assistance and bad attitude was the root of the problem, so he was sent to bed.  When I went up to lecture then bring him down, I found him chewing gum and trying to hide a book.  Yeah, he lost the book, the rest of the pack of gum and didn’t get to come down for dinner after all.

7/26:  A dear friend and coworker surprised me with mini brownies and cupcakes.  Then after work she gave me an octopus that she picked up while on vacation in Washington.  Went out to dinner with Hubby and boychild, then got ice cream.  Ordered a Day of the Dead tarot deck for $12 with shipping.  Just couldn’t resist.

7/27:  Horus appeared in my meditation today.  That was a first.

7/28:  saw my ungrateful child at his presentation spent the rest of the day trying to get ready for our trip.

7/29:  more trying to get ready for our trip.

7/30:  Left for Dragonfest.

8/2:  Dark moon reading. BOS tarot and an oracle deck for mantras

  1. Let Go:  5 of Water,R – Let go of what you think you know.  Let go of warring with self.
  2. Keep:  6 of Earth, R – Look to the light; be generous with self.
  3. Watch:  IX Path – watch your path not someone else’s.
  4. Begin:  Crone of Air,R – Begin by closing the book what happens now isn’t written and hasn’t been done
  5. Focus:  Maid of Air, R – focus on joy, what makes you happy.
  6. Remember:  2 of fire, R – Remember to speak your piece, don’t bottle it up
  7. End:  VIII Spellcasting – Work w/Divine, trust self, believe in self, will it.
  8. Know:  2 of Air – clear guidance, what you see is truth.
  9. Give:  3 of Earth, R – Give of self, give your best
  10. Receive:  4 of Air – omens, luck, blessings if you pay attention
  11. Quintessence = 39 = 12 Hanged Man/ Circle = another viewpoint, spiritual happenings/focus
  12. Now:  The Divine replenishes me when I open and welcome them in.
  13. Waxing Crescent:  I speak my truth.
  14. Full:  I live from my center experiencing joy
  15. Waning Crescent:  I celebrate only the joy in my life.

This is so significant upon looking back after my experiences at ‘fest with Horus.  More on that later, to the best I can remember since for a change I didn’t write down my experiences nightly.





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