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Introduced to Horus?

July 27, 2016

So…sat down for a meditation today to work with my sirin only to be surprised by Horus.

I’m walking along a beach, sand to the left of me with water along the right.  I hear a mighty thump behind and to my left.  I turn to tease my sirin about landing like an elephant only to be confronted by a hawk headed man, Horus.  I stare at him dumbfounded and he just stares at me with his unblinking hawk eyes.  When I start to panic, my sirin says from behind me, “easy girl, I’ve got your back” which…centers me more in the moment.  He then takes my hand and starts strolling down the beach with me slightly in tow.  My head is buzzing with a million bees worth of questions.  He turns and pulls me into his embrace.  He is so warm and so comforting.  The bees quiet a bit.

We then continue strolling, I’m more walking than being towed now.  A few buzzing questions slip out which he answers non-verbally.  He is both Horus the elder and Horus the younger is the impression I get.  As we walk his head morphs between being human headed in a pharoh’s headdress and the hawk head.  He is not a manifestation of Zeus, maybe closer to Apollo (with whom I’ve always had a mutual avoidance).  I also get the impression that this is only a brief visit as he was actually on the way to something important(?).  He then, with hawkhead, pulls me into another embrace.  I wonder if the feathers are as soft as they appear.  He takes my hand and places it on the back of his head.  They are very soft.  Curiosity gets the best of me and I start to gently sink my fingers into the feathers about his neck to see what is there, how are things attached.  He laughs and pulls away, shaking a finger at me.  He then reaches out to touch the left side of my face with affection, but then moves his fingers over my eye.  Horus then turns to leave and I realize he has marked me with his eye marking.

I turn to look at my sirin for explanation and she just shrugs at me as if to say, “gods…how can anyone understand them”.

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