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Daily Moon Month Readings: June-ish

July 6, 2016

Continuing my divination goals (which I failed at this month but other positive things did happen).

So for the new moon I did a reading for the coming month.  Instead of detailing it, I’ll just summarize:  need to practice good self care, keep owl-experiences in the “yes it happened” category, and Zeus may be more prevalent or I will stabilize instead of dragging around in depression.

6/7:  Challenge – Ace of Spirals, Response – Ravens/Magician, Remember – Wheel.  Hmmm…set goals by looking for synchronicity remembering baji-nagi…it is all on the wheel what comes around, goes around.  Maybe more about doing things and less about thinking.KISS

With the boychild home for summer vacation I’ve had some trouble with finding the time/quiet space to do divination…

6/13: Drew the night before:  Challenge – Companion/King of Spirals, Response – Moon, Remember – 9 of Spirals/Perseverance.  Problems with elders  best dealt with through contemplation and reflection remembering that to patiently wait as things are coming to a completion.  I don’t know…looking back several days later…this could be about dealing with old age in a companion and following my intuition remembering that all things come to an end.

6/15:  Put our dog down yesterday…it was very rough.  Arthritis in his hips has progressed to the point that for a strong, active dog…his quality of life isn’t there any longer.  The only thing we can do is give him drugs and be careful of/for him.  We chose to preserve our memories of him instead of make him (more) miserable.  It was a hard choice and yes emotionally I feel guilty.  Logically I know it was the right choice.  The actual occurrence was horrifying thanks to a few mis-steps by both us and the vet.

6/18 – 6/26 my family and I spent time recharging our batteries away from electronic distractions…not a bit of divination got done but alot of healing work.  Continued to clear out the old, leaving an empty place in my heart which frightened me.  Went for a walk and talked about my fears and my sadness…suddenly I saw a magpie fly across my field of vision…I tried to follow it but couldn’t find it.  It felt like a cheerful message.  Then on the way back to camp I stumbled across upside down funnel shaped tree stump and in my head played something that I had read awhile back about how some of Zeus Melikhios’ icons were aniconic. The message felt strong and loving.  I prayed a bit there before continuing back to camp feeling much lighter in heart.

6/28:  still haven’t made time for divination but I did get my Hestia tale finished.

6/30:  I had a dream last night where I was told due to cancer I only had one month left to live…a lot of the dream was me crying about the milestones I was going to miss in the lives of my loved ones. At the end of the dream, a voice said “this is all a dream but the question is what have you been putting off that you shouldn’t?”

7/1 -4:  Dfest work weekend…some exasperation over hospitality being taken advantage of, a little more healing work, came home with a white and pink rock (poor quartz most likely) to connect me to the land and a short length of willow wood.

7/5:  Ancestor reading which reiterates and encourages the internal working I’ve been doing.




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