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Moon Month Daily Readings: May-ish

June 7, 2016

Continuation of my divination goals using Chrysalis Tarot.

5/10:  Challenge – 7 of Spirals/Assertion, Response – 10 of Scrolls/Exile, Remember – Healer/Page of Mirrors.  Hmmm  Overly aggressive actions need to be tempered by removal from the situation remember to be sensible and practical.  My son and his temper…lately I feel like we are failing at the parenting thing…keep being told he is a great kid but I see everything that goes on “behind the show” and it makes me wonder…

5/11:  Feeling fairly blue today…good chocolate seems to affect me in that way any more and I had a yummy chocolate slice of cake yesterday.  Challenge – Acrobat/Page of Stones, Response – 2 of Scrolls/Fantasy, Remember – 7 of Stones.  Rise above your troubles by indulging your imagination.  Remember to throw your regrets/sorrow and get on with living life.  Owl meaning:  role – Ravens/Magician, what – 6 of Mirrors/Memories, how work with:  Sun.  Teacher/tricksters/companion/memory; intermediary between me and Kindreds; long term positive friendship (clarifier:  Bella Rosa – removing of barriers/masks).  And the magpie is:  Golden Flower/Temperance – a reminder of balance, to take time out to seek my curiosity/joy.

5/12:  Challenge – Wheel, Response – Merlin/Fool, Remember – 6 of Stones.  The wheel turns, embrace the change, remember the Kindreds/growth is change/be generous.  Maybe the season has finally changed?

5/13:  Challenge – Sojourner/King of Mirrors, Response – 4 of Stones/Possessions, Remember – Green Man/Emperor.  Roam/navigate your challenges letting nothing stand in your way.  Spend some time outside…lots of time outside.  Returning from a poor weather weekend…travel, treasure hunting and being horrified by a family member’s actions…didn’t spend much time outside due to weather.

5/16:  My heart is really heavy today from the family member’s actions.  While they do not directly affect me, I find them troubling especially whether or not to allow my child to interact with this person which opens up a whole other set of problems.  Family memeber:  Moon, Ace of Mirrors/Feelings, 7 of Stones/Regret, Golden Flower/Temperence.  Reflect up on it, acknowledge your feelings and let it go.  Cut loose?  Everything ebbs and flows, always in and out, here and not.  Daily:  Acrobat/Page of Stones, 8 of Mirrors/selfless, Remember – Ravens/Magician.  Challenge is to rise above, Response is move on, Remember to look for the magick.  Felt better after discussing the situation with my husband, he agreed with me on all accounts.

5/17:  Challenge – Corsair/Knight of Spirals, Response – Ace of Spirals/Energy, Remember – Ariadne/Death.  Be free; be you; embrace the next adventure…by going for it; meet the opportunity head on.  Remember that all things come to an end eventually. and to accept assistance or be willing to aid others.  Not sure what this is about other than I did learn another task at work.  Maybe it is more about needing to shake things up to get me out of my funk…follow a thread or work with thread…

5/18:  Challenge – Corsair/Knight of Spirals, Response – 9 of Scrolls/Despair, Remember – Ace of Scrolls.  Need to shake things up by taking responsibility for my self-care remembering to follow intuition or creative impulses.  Situation – 2 of Spirals/Choice, Do – Pilgrim/Page of Scrolls, Don’t Do – 5 of Scrolls/Sacrifice.  So many choices; try something new; don’t do something for someone else.

5/20:  Family stresses have made me realize a few things which has caused emotional upset and the feeling of being unsupported.  Realizing that you do not trust someone that everyone else relies upon really leaves you on rocky ground.  Challenge – 9 of Spirals/Perseverance, Response – 8 of Stones/ingenuity, Remember – Minstrel/King of Stones.  Stay firm in the buffeting currents, set your boundaries and stay firm among the chaos, go where you feel welcomed/appreciated.  Do – 4 of Stones, don’t do – Divine Child, Message – Ace of Spirals/Energy.  Do pack for the trip, don’t second guess yourself, be aggressive/assertive/firm/unemotional.

5/23:  Challenge – Corsair/Knight of Spirals, Response – 3 of Mirrors/Compassion, Remember  – Storyteller/Hermit.  Seems I’m in for a bit of shake up today and I need to respond with compassion remembering to transform my energy into positivity not ego driven.  This seems to be about being the person you’d want to be friends with…

5/24:  Challenge – 3 of Mirrors/Compassion, Response – Weaver/Queen of Scrolls, Remember – Dreamer/Knight of Mirrors.  This seems to be encouraging self care today by paying attention to details and entertaining my imagination.

5/25:  Challenge – Poet/King of Scrolls, Response – 8 of Stones/Ingenuity, Remember 10 of Mirrors/Peace.  Doing is more important than having, let go to be free.

5/26: My dreams broke my heart last night…a torture chamber with in my own head.

5/31:  I’ve been in a funk for various reasons and not up divination…so I’ve been following the last advice I was given…doing more…in this case housework, movies and books.

6/3:  Not spending much time online or in divination…pretty sure my issues are hormonal and no idea what can be done about them but the insomnia and hot flashes can go the fuck away.  Challenge – Poet/King of Scrolls, Response – Sun, Remember – 2 of Mirrors/Union.  I am stuck in my head so I need to spend time outside remembering to act with love and care of self.

So in asking if I continue with this deck for the next moon month, I got Companion which I see as a yes.

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