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Moon Month Daily Readings – Aprilish

May 6, 2016

Continuation of my divination goals

4/9:  Noumenia prayer but no work with cards.

4/11:  Boychild home today.  Challenge – 5 of Stones/Desolation, Response – Golden Flower/Temperance, Remember – 3 of Stones/Reflection.  Well this seems unpleasant.  Face loss by being grateful for what you have which is a way of balancing the situation.  Deal with the emotional response or it will only return again.  Second reading has to do with a name that circles in my head non-stop.  I asked for information about the name.  Papa Legba/Strength, Lovers, 3 of Spirals/Contemplation.  Name of power, to unite, tool for contemplation. I think my tendency toward pessimism probably colored by thoughts on this reading as I found nothing of that perception in my day.  Maybe this was about more of my desire to concentrate on me but still needing to continue the round of life with a reminder of not crying over it but to count my blessings instead.

4/12:  Challenge – Ace of Scrolls/Intuition, Response – Sojourner, Remember – Herne the Hunter/Chariot.  A challenge that requires intuition, a willingness explore emotionally and a reminder that nothing stays the same.  Not exactly sure…maybe has to do with the name, to keep moving forward for life isn’t static even when wants things to slow down or just stop for a while.

4/13:  Challenge – 3 of Stones/Planning, Response – Celtic Owl, Remember – Merlin/Hero.  The time of hunkering down is over, it is time to start making plans and moving forward but take things from a different point of view or accept other viewpoints.  Remember to find your joy again as you start a new adventure.  I’ve been buckling down and working on my massive “should-have-already-finished” list.  Making progress.

4/14:  Challenge – Pilgrim/Page of Scrolls, Response – Muse/Queen of Spirals, Remember – Ma’at/Justice.  Exhausted this morning as my sleep was continually interrupted by Hubby’s bad night.  The challenge will be leaving the house but since the boychild’s talent show is today, I need to not only leave but be an encouraging maternal presence who remembers to leave her ego at the door.  Extra question/cards:  5 of Mirrors/Quan Yin/Forgiveness, Moon, 6 of Stones:  Divine love and mercy, you’ll know when the right piece comes along, a tree?

Been fighting the blues pretty hard…between hormones, boychild antics and weather, I’m not doing well.

4/18:  Challenge – Sojourner/King of Mirrors, Response – Ace of Scrolls/Intuition, Remember – Dreamer/Knight of Mirrors.  My challenge is to get out and about when all I want to do is hunker down and hide.  Response is to act on my intuition by following my dreams?  2nd reading:  how to get out of my funk:  Situation – Mime/Page of Spirals, Do – Illusionist/Knight of Stones, Don’t do – Healer/Page of Mirrors.  Feeling stifled, fake it until you make it, don’t worry about practicalities.  As I look back at the cards, I see “just do it”, “the writing is on the wall” “keep looking forward”.

4/19:  Challenge:  Illusionist/Knight of Stones, Response – Mime/Page of Spirals, Remember – Merlin/Hero.  “Fake it, until you make” by doing, not talking remember that this is only the beginning, slow as it is.  Guides would like me to know:  Celtic Owl/Hanged Man, Psyche/World, Four of Scrolls/Recollection.  Think with your brain not your emotions for this is a time of transitions, just wait for it.  I’m struggling due to seemingly unending snow and gray and blah…this is my encouragment to adult up and deal.  Sigh.

4/20:  Challenge – 10 of Spirals, Response – Divine Child/hierophant, Remember – Corsair.  Seasonal change is at a crossroads, it is changing, REALLY.  Craft, remembering to be in the moment.  Craft on what?  7 of Stones/Regret, Weaver, Pilgrim – Let go of what is holding you back by stitching on your travel project.  Still floundered especially when Hubby said he didn’t want to go down the hill for the weekend.  Ended up  wrangling an invite from my heartsister so that I could stay with her.

4/22:  Challenge – 10 of Scrolls/Exile, Response – Ace of Spirals/Energy, Remember – 9 of Stones.  I need to step outside of myself imposed comfort zone by using my head and setting goals.  I need to remember to walk away from the past, security and take a few risks.  So I left the boychild and Hubby at home and went to stay with my heartsister.  Those two are my security blanket so that was a step outside the ol’ comfort zone.  Then I went and got the haircut I’ve been wanting to do since high school plus “wasted the money” and got color streaks that will gradually wash out leaving behind some “wonderful” blond highlights.  This is a big deal because I’ve often tried to blend in and this SO doesn’t blend in.  I wanted to get my nose pierced too but I spent my mad money on my hair so will have to do that another time.  Some will call this a midlife crisis…more like I finally found the balls to do it.

4/23:  Challenge – Gaia/Empress, Response – Dreamer/Knight of Mirrors, Remember – 6 of Stones/Charity.  Hmmm be all that you can be (be true to you) by following your dreams, remember to be kind and generous along the way.  Seems to just be general advice as I can’t connect it with anything specific.

4/25:  Challenge – Ravens/magician, Response – 10 of Stones/Possessive, Remember – 4 of Mirrors/Detachment.  Hmmm I need to pick some things up and let others go by making healthy choices, not clinging, and remember to not be distracted by ego, forgetting what is really important. More just general advice I think.

4/28:  Tired and unmotivated.  Challenge 8 of stones/ingenuity, Response – 7 of Mirrors/discernment, Remember – Golden Flower/Temperance.  Need to tidy/clean up by picking and choosing what’s important and not.  Remember the ebb and flow.  About goal setting I think.

5/2:  Challenge – Lovers, Response – Papa Legba/Strength, Remember – Merlin/Hero.  This reading brought panic to the fore for some reason.   Uniting something through inner strength/ancestors for a new beginning?  Was told that work is going to start training me in cataloging materials since my immediate boss will be going on maternity leave in July.  This worries me some because of child care issues so I think this about the new step in my “career” but also a reminder to not fret.

5/3:  Challenge – Illusionist/Knight of Stones, Response – Ace of Spirals/Energy, Remember – Artiste/Queen of Stones.  I need to let go of ego/tales to serve a higher purpose by facing the challenge head on with energy and willingness while remembering that sometimes it is the small details that make the most impact.

5/4:  Challenge – Visionary/Knight of Scrolls, Response – 7 of Scrolls/Assertion, Remember – 3 of Scrolls/Rejection.  Set your sites on your goal and work towards it with firm intension allowing nothing to turn you aside.  Remember not to take rejection personally.  What is my goal?  Illusionist/Knight of Stones, to be true to me and to be happy with myself.  Also Grandpa Brokaw died today.

5/5:  Challenge – 6 0f Mirrors/Memories, Response – 3 of Scrolls/Rejection, Remember – 7 of Spirals/Assertion.  Hmmm I need to reject the dwelling on memories and assert myself…live for today.  After the boychild went to bed, I burned that which I had been saving for a couple of weeks in hopes of letting go, moving on to live, love and laugh without the baggage it represents. Also found out that my neighbor died today, so sad.

5/6:  Weekend reading:  Challenge – Mime/Page of Spirals, Response – 10 of Mirrors, Remember – 7 of Mirrors.  Be silent for actions speak louder than words; reflect back what is presented to you but remember to be discerning.  As today is the dark moon I also asked:  Should I continue with this deck for the next month:  10 of Spirals/Crossroads, 7 of Scrolls/indecision, Artiste/Queen of Stones.  At a crossroads, facing a decision, yes as you need to work on the details more.

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