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Moon Month Daily Readings: March-ish

April 9, 2016

Continuation with my divination goals

New moon, new deck, new things to learn.  I do not yet have the book for Chrysalis Tarot but it is on its way.  I have also written the keyword on the minor cards and am thinking about seeing if I can also use part of this deck for Lenormand readings.  The more I use this deck the more  I love it which is not my usual response of high hopes that just don’t gell.

3/9:  Usual 3 card draw plus a few extras to start out the month.  Reverses? – Golden Flower/Temperance R, Know – 2 of Stones/Trust, Advice – Merlin/Hero.  No reverses, for all is contained in the upright cards.  This is a time of building trust and confidence so let go of your anxiety. Challenge – Phoenix/Judgement , Response – Celtic Owl/Hangedman , Remember – 9 of Mirrors/Joy. Lessons learned, rebuild and restore by looking at the situation from another point of view but remember to “dance in the rain”.  Final question:  should I write the subtitles on the pips?  8 of Spirals/Answers – I take this as a yes…for quick answers.  When I see majors in a reading, I tend to assume lofty matters but for daily readings this is probably rarely the case.  Phoenix is a re- card; in this case a restart or return.  I cleaned off my altar and simplified it as it was too cluttered and while I’m still not satisfied with it, it is also workable.  I also returned to some crafts that I haven’t finished.  Hanged Man is always looking at things differently which I did in both cases so that I could 9M find my joy again.

3/10:  Challenge:  10 of Mirrors/Peace; Response – 7 of Mirrors/Discernment; Remember – Wheel.  Find peace by choosing a good/positive attitude, remember to act not react.  What 3 things do I need to do to re-establish my spiritual daily practice?  Psyche/World, 6 of Scrolls/Consolation, Gaia/Empress.  Growth is not static, adapt as needed without anxiety/stress, be patient and trust you are where you need to be. Boychild issues test my ability to be calm, positive and not reactive.

3/14:  Challenge – 4 of Stones/Possessions, Response – Magician/Ravens, Remember – 2 of Scrolls/Fantasy.  Obstacles, KISS and don’t over think it, but be creative.  Extra card – will this med help with cold?  10 of Mirrors/Peace…I’ll take that as a yes.  I think this was more about anything physical (due to lack of sleep and onset of a cold) was a challenge and to keep it simple and trust my instincts.

3/15:  Challenge – 3 of Mirrors/Compassion, Response – 9 of Scrolls/Despair, Remember – Ace of Spirals/energy.  Find your compassion by letting go of ego, remember goal setting or care for self by resting for upcoming goals?  Ended up being about being self-compassionate, letting go of the angst caused by dietary changes, to take it one meal at a time.

3/16:  Challenge:  10 of Spirals/Crossroads, Response – Phoenix/Judgment, Remember – 5 of Stones/Desolation.  Let go of your burdens by re-“xyz”ing (redo, retry, etc.), remember to get out of your head.  Stress brought on by various items including my FIL going to the hospital, Phoenix is very much a “you can handle this” type of card also a reminder to relax, a reminder to get out of my head aka stop the “what ifs” that march through it with a complete drum corps.

3/17:  Challenge:  9 of Stones/Indifference, Response:  3 of Stones/Planning, Remember:  Merlin/Hero.  Challenge is to let go of that which is weighing me down, the best way is to talk it out (to the ancestors?); remember to have faith and be light of heart.  So while folding laundry, I ranted, cried and prayed to my ancestors…felt a bit lighter afterwards.

3/18:  Challenge:  Watcher/Queen of Mirrors, Response:  Poet/King of Scrolls, Remember:  Wheel.  Sometimes the hardest thing one can do is just observe, the best way to do this is remain internally balanced or maybe write or take time for yourself?  Remember that it is all on the wheel, good times, bad times, life and death; everything is unfolding as it should…lessons to be learned, not about you…move to the center.  To be a watcher, to help others through hard times, it is best to open your eyes and zip your lip…keep thoughts to yourself.

3/21:  Challenge – 10 of Scrolls/Exile, Response – 3 of Scrolls/Rejection, Remember – 9 of Scrolls/Despair.  Self-imposed problem, stop running/hiding and face the issue, let go/stop resisting/empty yourself.  No idea…breaking a cycle by facing and dealing with the issue…I can’t think of a single thing in my day to which this relates.  LATER:  relates to my physical practice the rolled scrolls seem to be a knowledge barrier I put in place because my ego feels I don’t KNOW enough to act appropriately.

3/22:  Challenge – Weaver/Queen of Scrolls, Response – Golden Flower/Temperance, Remember – 4 of Mirrors/Detachment.  Pay attention to the details/silence through meditation, remember to let go of your self-sabotaging ego.   I did meditate in order to receive a loving lecture about isolating myself from Her/my spiritual practice/etc.  The hows are bars that I place in my way to keep from doing so that I can’t “screw it up”.

3/23:  Full moon, candle lit for Mother Isis.  Challenge – 6 of Spirals/Success, Response – 10 of Scrolls, Remember – 2 of Spirals/Choice.  My challenge it to up my spiritual practice by pushing through the knowledge (or lack there of) barriers my ego has erected for I have to CHOOSE to act.  Extra cards how to celebrate the full moon:  don’t procrastinate, nothing stays the same…you are changing, times are changing, “rules” are changing…just DO it.  Bracelet charm issue:  Ace of Scrolls/Intuition – use your intuition and change those symbols to something you can find with the same/similar meanings.  Devotional full moon act:  coloring an offering…it seems silly and…yet I feel it is right and a good non-traditional step.

3/24:  Challenge – Visionary/Knight of Scrolls, Response – Merlin/Hero, Remember – Ace of Stones/Abundance.  Challenge is to be open, honest, non-judgmental maybe even to mediate which is every challenging, begin anew, remember to ground, plan, be diligent, watch for synchronicities.  Full moon efforts seems to have fallen flat (3 of Scrolls/rejection) but appreciation for the effort (9 of Mirrors/Joy) suggestions:  Poet and 10 of stones.  Trying to incorporate meditation into my day…boychild is on spring break so…

3/28:  Challenge – Companion/King of Spirals, Response – 8 of Spirals/Answers, Remember – Minstrel/King of Stones.  Keep it light, look for synchronicities, remember to be friendly.  Only thing I can think of is…I’m bored at work…it is slow, which makes it more tiring at the end of the day than on it is on busy days.  So keep it light, remember to consider past/present/future, don’t let the situation cause stress.

3/29:  Challenge:  9 of Stones/Indifference, Response – Watcher/Queen of Mirrors, Remember – 5 of Spirals/Shadows.  Tempted to walk away from my job but I am advised to watch, wait and examine the shadows for how I can turn this all into a positive.

3/30:  Challenge – Mime/Page of Spirals, Response – 7 of Scrolls/Indecision, Remember – Phoenix/Judgment.  Take the high road and be silent, go with your gut in deciding, never fear trying again.

4/4:  Boychild has been on spring break which is not conducive to tarot readings.  Challenge – 8 of Stones/Ingenuity, Response – 6 of Mirrors/Memories, Remember – 7 of Scrolls/indecision.  The stone in the background at first seemed really phallic and then seemed more of a “fuck you”…this could be a challenge to be creative while staying true to myself and yet not upsetting the establishment.  Response has something to do with memory or ancestors, remembering to follow my intuition.  Work with what I’ve got remaining balanced and harmonious, using my intuition.  Applies to work I think as I’m so bored.

4/5:  haven’t been sleeping between gut issues and hot flashes thanks to the 10 day break from the patch due to housekeeping needs.  Challenge – 4 of Scrolls/recollection, Response – 10 of Spirals/Crossroads, Remember – 6 of Scrolls/Consolation.  Be in the present, take the high road, remember to be adaptable.  Seems to just be generally practical advice as I can’t seem to relate it to anything in particular.

4/7:  Tonight is the dark moon (well actually early this morning was).  Challenge – Mime/Page of Spirals, Response – Ace of Spirals/Energy, Remember – 10 of scrolls/exile.  It is amazing how often in my readings, the proverbs of my youth come out.  Actions speak louder than words, choose and work toward goals but remember to not be hidebound.  Extra cards:  how was the month:  Healer – making sweetness from failures; continue with this deck:  Phoenix/Judgment – the re-card, I take this as a yes; how to mark the new moon: 9 of Scrolls/Despair – let go of your baggage.

Separate reading:  What is my baggage?

  1. 10 of Spirals/Crossroads – let go of your negativity, the past, your fears
  2. 10 of Mirrors/Peace – let go of your desire to control
  3. Sun – stop focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.
  4. Bella Rosa/Devil – don’t worry so much about appearance
  5. Companion/King of Spirals – you’re too impatient, slow down.
  6. Weaver/Queen of Scrolls – give yourself permission to sit and do nothing of importance
  7. 6 of Mirrors/Memories – live in the present, let go what has past
  8. Ace of Stones/Abundance – be more flexible
  9. Golden flower/Temperance – meditate more to help with finding your balance
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