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Moon Month Readings: February-ish

March 9, 2016

Continuation of my effort to get better at Divination.

So I did a reading asking how the previous month went and to recommend the next deck to study with.  The response surprised me.

How did the month go?  6ix of Stones/Exploitation – wow, I’m not sure how to take this beyond the fact of a lot of anger there…which seems odd to me.

What would you have me know?  10 of Arrows/Instruction R – well it seems I didn’t learn anything/enough.

What deck should I use next?  3 of Arrows/Jealousy – ok so now I’m a little creeped out.  A lot of resentment.

So I’m not done with this deck?  7 of Bows/Clearance – clearly not.

Why should I stay with this deck? Ace of Vessels/The Waters of Life R – because didn’t give a proper chance?

If I stay with this deck, what should I do?  Wheel R – change your attitude; 4 of Stones/Protection R – take a change on (6 of Bows/Abundance) that your patience  will pay off; Eight of Arrows/Struggle – that isn’t to say it will be easy.

Reverses, yes or no:  Three of stones R – no, it wasn’t created that way.

Tell me about the court cards:  4 of Arrows R, all in time, give it a rest.

So…no reverses and staying with this deck.

2/8:  Challenge – Wheel, Response – Page of Vessels, Remember – 10 of Stones/Home.  Change, meet it with playfulness/light heart and willingness/determination, seek support at home.  A chance to make up hours I will miss this week due to holidays and school closure, also a pregnancy at work may bring something interesting in the future.  This opportunity may be because of my willingness to help, to do the extra things.  (I enjoy my job and like my coworkers/bosses which helps, one of whom told me that she “has my back”)  10S may be a reminder not to forget about my family obligations (which I didn’t as I pointed out that I do not have child care so I can’t work past 4pm).

2/9:  Challenge – 2 of Vessels/Attraction, Response – Wanderer, Remember – 2 of Arrows/Injustice.  A new relationship/opportunity, follow your heart but remember truth over money.  This ends up being about my Isis devotee group on Facebook.  It got deleted, I ranted about it, tried to get it reinstated gave up and restarted the group.  Wild Hunt posted an article about it and the group has exploded to over 50 people in less than a day.  2A is remember to be fair.

2/11:  Challenge – 4 of Arrows/Rest, Response – Queen of Arrows/Swan, Remember – 7 of Bows/Clearance.  Challenge is to over come my desire to be lazy, best response is to “just keep swimming”, remember to let non-essentials go.  Total temper tantrum that spanned from the time that my child crossed me at work to when he went to bed.  He is driving me crazy or my reaction to him is…

2/12:  Weekend reading:  Challenge – Wanderer, Response – Shaman, Remember – Queen of Bows/Hare (Qualifier – The Green Woman), Physical or Spiritual happening?  Page of Bows/Stoat.  Base is Star, Q = 4/Greenman. Ummm no idea…an opportunity that I should take on with confidence remembering my divine mother for I am a messenger? Or travel to gather necessary items remembering to be kind and generous bringing good tidings?  It could go either way.  Even after the weekend has passed, I’m stumped.  Maybe:  follow your heart, focus on aligning spiritual with physical, be kind.

2/18:  Putting odd hours in at work this week has left me scrambling to get things done.  Throw in boychild stress and gut issues and I’m a mess.  Also haven’t done any prep for visitors this weekend.  Challenge:  Page of Arrows/Wren, Response:  Moon, Remember:  3 of Bows/Fulfilment, Help for Son:  8 of Stones/Skill.  Challenge is to watch and wait; be still and maybe howl at the moon; focus on the goal; the choice to make him practice is a good one.  Nailed this one I think.

2/19:  Weekend:  Challenge  – Star, Response – 10 of Stones/Home, Remember – Queen of Stones/Bear.  Problems maintaining hope/faith; rely on your family/community for support; look forward, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Not sure…sis and her two kids came up to celebrate the boychild’s birthday.  We just hung around the house.  I forgot to turn down the oven when I put the birthday pie in…outside burnt, inside undercooked.  Sigh.  Hubby went and bought a pie crust and I remade it.  Boychild could be the star, sis’s family the 10S.

2/22:  Challenge – Hooded Man, Response – 5 of Bows/Empowerment, Remember – 9 of Vessels/Generosity.  A time of quiet, be positive and generous.  This seems of more of a long term prediction as we have nothing major on our schedule for the next several months.  Snow is still on the ground so mentally it is a tough time for me as I use the boychild’s birthday to distract from the weather.

2/23:  Challenge:  Queen of Bows, Response:  five of Arrows/Frustration, Remember:  Ancestor.  Hmmm…an overly helpful person or maybe my desire to be housemom needs to be distracted, a gateway/new section of my path?  Boychild ill today, I was ill the day after.  Distraction was my friend.  Not sure on Hierophant/Ancestors

2/25:  Challenge:  9 of Arrows/Dedication, Response – 4 of Stones/Protection, 7 of Arrows/Insecurity.  No idea as none of this makes sense.  The challenge card doesn’t match with book meaning, a preoccupied female that looks to be playing a bow like a fiddle with an arrow with other arrows falling away…  Still no idea.

2/26:  Challenge:  Queen of Stones/Bear, Response:  4 of Bows/Celebration, Remember:  Moon.  Not sure as this card always puts me in mind of the Lenormand meaning of Bear which is a matriarchal/protective woman or business affairs.  Welcoming guests, treat it with a light heart, be still?  Nothing went as planned this weekend, so challenge was not hibernating but being welcoming and caring by being light of heart and calm.

2/29:  Challenge – 4 of Arrows/Rest, Response – 6 of Stones/Exploitation , Remember – King of Vessels/Heron.  Illness of boychild (my lack of sleep), need to look at the overall picture, stand tall, be firm and be responsible aka suck it up buttercup and go to work.  Child ill, Hubby needing to work, I need to work but since he can catch up on paperwork here at home, he gets to stay while I go, hi ho.  It has been a week…took 3 days to get the boychild healthy enough to go back to school…

3/3:  Challenge:  Ace of Arrows/Breath of Life, Response:  Stag, Remember:  5 of Bows/Empowerment.  Begin again, be responsible, you can do whatever you put your mind to doing.  No idea.

3/7:  Challenge:  Journey, Response – Knight of Bows/Fox, Remember – 8 of Bows/Hearthfire.  Something comes to an end, improvise, reach out to family/community.  Base = Fool.  All cards point to a new direction, a change…with the reminder to rely upon family/community.  Still no idea…

3/8:  Tonight is the dark moon which makes this the last post for this exercise.  I’ll be asking a few extra questions.  Challenge – Knight of Arrows/Hawk, Response – Blasted Oak, Remember – King of Bows/Adder, Know – Eight of Vessels/Rebirth, Performance – 3 of Bows/Fulfilment, Next deck – 2 of Vessels/Attractions.  Take the long view by looking at the situation from a different angle, remember to stay grounded.  This was a better month, I made progress even with mistakes and occasional no clues, I honestly met my goal.  Move on to the deck that attracts you…Chrysalis tarot!  Once again I have no idea to what this is referencing…rather frustrating.

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