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Moon Month Readings: January-ish

February 8, 2016

So this series of posts will be a listing of my daily readings and notes for the moon month.  This one will be a bit longer than the others as I’m starting early.  The deck I’ll be using this month is Wild Wood Tarot.  Placed behind the cut for those not interested.  🙂Originally I was going to draw at night but I discovered that it further’s my insomnia issues so switched to mornings.  When I’m out of town, I may end up skipping those days…will see how that goes.  First will be the cards, then a short possible meaning followed by how they relate to my day.  I love this deck but I feel like we do not understand each other (doesn’t that sound woo!) hence my reason for using it first.  Authors didn’t intend it for reversals but this deck feels like it needs them to me. A plus sign indicates two cards working together as opposed to separately which will depend on my feelings at the time.

1/3 (1/4)  Six of Arrows, 5 of Vessels – Reversed, Queen of Vessels – Reversed:  Transition, Don’t get emotional invested, “hold” gently or things will squirt out of control.  The first card is obvious, transitioning from vacation mode to back to school…except we screwed up as this was a teacher work day.  I was so looking forward to me-time that I was very impatient with the boychild and became a raging maniac…which may or may not explain the other two cards…

1/5  Page of Arrows + King of Stones, 4 of Arrows – Reversed:  Spring will come, Speak your truth, Go easy.  While the first card may have that meaning, I think in this case it was saying to watch for something and combined with second card is finding others.  I stumbled across a book at work meant for the book sale on Highly Sensitive People.  Started reading it last night and it seems to ring true to me.  The last card is about starting an exercise routine…yeah despite insomnia I did a mile walking workout video.

1/6 Knight of Stones + Page of Stones – R, Journey:  activity and impatience, endings or maybe finishes?  So not connecting with this deck shows today.  Only one possible connection…KnSt could be paying attention to the body with PgS being a message about health and Journey aka Death card about the destruction of my gut…Tuesday night’s dinner has had long term consequences that has left me trying to calm my GI tract and wondering what the hell I can eat any more without making it worse…’cause last nights dinner SO was not helpful.

1/7  Queen of Vessels, Ace of Arrows, Nine of Vessels.  Keep up the good work/keep pluggin’ away; a new beginning or addressing needs; give/receive.  Ok, I admit it…I’m becoming frustrated with this deck and am seriously contemplating switching to another deck for study.  Not sure on the Queen, AA could be the new deck I got in the mail today, 9V could be “difficulties surmounted” as in recovering from my GI issues…. Lenormand reading says that I made a commitment, to see it through and it will be successful. Pretty much a try and try again.

1/8 three day reading since I will be out of town:  Queen of Stones,+ 6 of Arrows – R, The Archer – R.  Stepping out of my comfort zone to attend a family funeral, there will be problems (either ego issues or due to quality issues Q = 8 of Stone – R).  Miscommunications rule (Base = Lovers – R).  QS has a connotation of family first and 6A could be apprehension which is a great way to explain my feelings about funerals.  Had no issues, emotionally or otherwise.  No idea what the 8SR was trying to describe, maybe no big deal? Archer could be GI issues…my dinner choices on Saturday were a really bad idea…a big step backward in the healing process.  I’m really dissatisfied with my reading ability with this deck…

1/11 Balance, Wanderer, 10 of Bows (Responsibility) – R.  Find my balance, try something new, let go.  Balance was counseling patience as my body levels out.  Wanderer points the direction I’m going as I prep for the weekend where I am stepping outside my comfort zone to represent Neos Alexandria at a religious fair.  1oBR is a reminder to stop stressing about the little things or the things I can’t do anything about which is beyond difficult for me.

1/12 2 of Arrows R (Injustice), Knight of Bows (Fox), Queen of Arrows (Swan).  Be honest/fair, don’t be smug, sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away.  May be describing an on going spat in my husband’s family…other than to correct someone’s information once, I left it alone.

1/13:  doing this a bit late today…Guardian, 2 of Bows (Decision), King of Arrows (Kingfisher).  Beating a dead horse, two equally tempting choices, choose the one that doesn’t weigh you down…the one that let’s you fly.

1/15:  I neglected tarot work yesterday and due to lack of sleep and such, I can think no connection to what the cards were speaking.  I’m really having a hard time here and am starting to wonder if the dead horse is this deck.  Pretty discouraging.  Let see what the reading for the coming weekend entails.  3 of Vessels (Joy), 2 of Arrows (Injustice), Queen of Stones – R.  A good day on Saturday, Broncos lose on Sunday due to poor officiating and health/GI issues on Monday?  3v – had a good day on Saturday and even got to chat with one of my favorite people.  2A – don’t know…Hubby was short tempered and things that my parents did, didn’t help the situation and the Broncos won.  QS-R – issues today due to bad but tasty choices yesterday and for lunch.

1/19:  Pole Star, Forest Lovers, Knight of Vessels (Eel) Reversed.  A new hope/promise/cycle; love, friendship and/or binding; movement, undulation, S, upper Right?  None of these are clear.  Pole Star – I “interviewed” a new deck, a deck that I have high hopes for… Forest Lovers – no idea unless it relates to the deck? KnV,R – another no clue.  Sigh.

1/20:  Going to try to be more rigid and use a spread.  Today’s Challenge – 8 of Arrows/Struggle ; Best Response – The Archer ; Keep in Mind/Do – The Greenman.  An issue (a struggle with struggle?) that needs to be met with control, confidence, patience and relaxed state of mind; Anticipate Joy…look for the best in the situation/people.  This was very helpful today.  Had an arguement with my boychild over him giving his teachers a hard time.  When I remembered this reading, I apologized for my part.  Then to my surprise he apologized for his part.  After that everything went much smoother, including have two write two apology letters…since the whole argument started over him having to write at school.

1/21:  Challenge – Five of Vessels/Ecstasy, R; Response:  Lovers, R; Keep in Mind:  Guardian.  Depression, concentrate on you, but don’t take it to extremes.  I did things I wanted to do instead of SHOULD do…well other than work, I still went to that.

1/22:  headache this morning, no desire to think more less look at cards.  Maybe later.

1/23:  Challenge – Wheel, Response – Queen of Vessels/Salmon R, Keep in Mind – Four of Vessels/Boredom.  Nothing stays the same; be patient/steady/persevere; you will be bored, plan appropriately.  I wonder if this applies to my child…every time I think I’ve got a handle on something concerning him, there is a change and the struggle renews.  Patience is not my strong point and he tests me mightily.  4V…not sure…maybe the sitting still a lot over the weekend.

1/25:  Challenge – Wheel, Response – 7 of Bows/Clearance, KiM – 3 of Arrows/Jealousy.  Act don’t react, it is how you respond that changes the situation; choose your priorities, let go of that which no longer serves; react with positivity, not jealousy/envy.  Insomnia has been living with me this last couple of nights.  Wheel – unhappy about people who post about a death in the family before the family can be contacted.  7B – ranted about it a bit.  3A – be careful how one responds when hurt/angry.

1/26:  Challenge – Ace of Arrows/Breath of Life , Response – Eight of Bows/Hearthfire, Remember – 9 of Bows/Respect.  A new idea, sharing/collaborating with others, be respectful.  Something new…the pressure cooker, best response share the joy/food/recipes or maybe use it a lot, but remember to follow safety precautions.

1/28:  Challenge – Ace of Arrows/Breath of Life, Response – Lovers, Remember – 7 of Arrows/Insecurity R.  Something new, be positive/act with love, don’t worry by happy.  Took a bread from this for a couple of days…no idea what it was referring to but I’m going to follow the last bit…don’t worry be happy.  Had a relaxing weekend though missing those far away.

2/1:   Insomnia and nightmares, what a combination.  Exhausted but giving this a shot.  Challenge – Seer R, Best Response – 9 of Bows/Respect R, Remember – 8 of Bows/Hearthfire R.  All reversed cards, makes me want to throw my hands up and go back to bed; Lack of foresight/forethought; stay within/keep to yourself/keep contained; Remember to improvise.  Anniversary and Hubby didn’t remember.  Seer R – withdrawal; 9B R – don’t dwell on your disappointment, keep quiet; 8B R – remember the good.

2/2:  slept better but feeling blue. Challenge – Guardian, Response – 2 of Arrows/Injustice R, Remember – 5 of Vessels/Ecstasy.  Creating your own problems; be fair, be honest; find the joy.  Sometimes writing is easier than speaking, I wrote my love a note.  Tonight he apologized and took us to dinner, same excuse as usual “I didn’t realize it was February already” only time will tell if my missive did any good.

not sleeping much of late so not even attempting this.

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