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Deck Interview: Chrysalis Tarot

January 20, 2016

I’ve been eyeballing this deck for a long time and finally broke down and got it with my holiday money.  I don’t think there is a single card that I don’t like the artwork (well OK, maybe Kali for the Tower but that maybe because I find her…disturbing, not because of the artwork) which is rather unusual for my picky eye.  As I do with all of my new decks, I used the deck interview spread (plus a few more cards) to get a feel of this deck.

I changed the layout of this spread (which can be seen under the tarot tab) and laid out as you would draw the number 8.

  1. Most important characteristic:  King of Spirals/Companion, R – to point out foolishness
  2. What this deck will do:  8 of Mirrors/Selfless – help you on your path (Spiritual path maybe even goddess-centric)
  3. What this deck will not do:  Lovers/Unity, R – relationship issues
  4. Curriculum:  6 of Spirals/Success, R – looked like 6 cards so I pulled six cards:
    1. Star/Hope/Choices – positivity
    2. Sorceress/Mysticism, R – work with intuition
    3. Ace of Mirrors/Feelings – reflection
    4. World/Ascension, R – unfinished work
    5. Sun/Empowerment, R – different viewpoint
    6. 2 of Spirals/Trust – build trust and confidence
  5. How to use:  Knight of Scrolls/Visionary – help resolve conflicts/confusion
  6. Final Thoughts:  3 of Mirrors/Compassion, R – had issues with this one…uses gentleness to deliver strong messages?
    1. Qualifier = Greenman/Structure/nurturing
  7. Who works through you:  7 of Mirrors/Discernment – whoever is needed for the situation at hand.
    1. Qualifier = 2 of Spirals/Choice
  8. Remember:  5 of Mirrors/Forgiveness – Remember to forgive self and others; connect with crown, heart and gut chakras.
  9. Remember:  3 of Scrolls/Rejection – Let go and stay positive
  10. How to handle Reverses:  (should have been the first card I drew, HA!) 9 of Spirals/Perseverance – as difficulties to overcome

Base = Merlin/Healing – New beginnings

Quintessence = 115 = 7 = Chariot/Focus/Divine Assistance

Overall, I look forward to working with this deck.

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  1. January 27, 2016 11:01 AM

    This is one I’ve liked the look of, but never purchased. Thanks for the review!

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