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Year Goals

January 3, 2016

So my goals for 2015 were to read 50 books and stitch an hour a week on my son’s birth chart.

I officially read 49 books.  This did not include the numerous short stories that I read to my son over the holidays.  I only failed in reading enough of non-fiction.  So overall I am satisfied with this result.

My other goal, I failed big time.  I love this chart and am unsure why I sometimes cannot bring myself to work on it.  However, I did get in more stitching this year and so overall consider it a win even if I didn’t get more done on this specific project.  I have several projects I’m itching to design and start but I need to continue to tie up my crafting loose ends before I do so.

So my goals for 2016:

  • read another 50 books without mandating type though I will stipulate that 3/4s of them need to come off my to-be-read bookcase.  This I will keep track of through Goodreads.
  • continue with my stitching.  Not sure if I will keep track by project or time.  I’m 2 motifs behind where I want to be on my sampler (well more like 1.5), I didn’t get me a holiday ornament finish, and as I said earlier I have some things I want to design and stitch.  The first one is a small slightly cartoony Isis for a travel altar.  The second is a larger piece again for Isis.  Along with this is all the other crafting I want/need to do.
  • I need to do more writing.  I have one story partially written, a couple children’s books that needs illustrators, the blog on Witches and Pagans that I need to write for more frequently and several ideas for tales.
  • I want to focus more on my divination skills.  I have been refusing to buy new decks for a while now.  Partially because I have two sitting on my desk that I haven’t done much with (and several others I haven’t touched in YEARS).  One, Sol Invictus, I hate the artwork.  I will need to trade it. The other is Mary-El.  I had high hopes for this deck but I have found it extremely challenging to use.  I need to figure out whether I want to continue to beat my head or trade it.  There are two decks I’ve been eyeballing.  One of which I REALLY want but I’m not sure I’ll be able to read with (Wild Unknown) and the other I purchased (Chrysalis) along with a book on court cards.  I have real issues with court cards.  So my goal is to work more with the cards but I haven’t decided a method yet.  Need to settle on that soon.  Maybe new moon posts, since new moons are, for me, are about internal work more than goddess work like at the full.  Also not sure if I want to work with one deck only or rotate.  Working with one would get me a solid base but working with multiple would stretch me more…not sure which is better.
  • My internal goal is to work more on being and accepting me and worrying less about pleasing others.  I really put so much effort and hopes into the holiday season, that I frazzled myself to the point that I just wanted the whole thing over with.  Along with this is strengthening my relationship with my husband.  His own health and mental issues have really caused issues for us as a couple.  I need to help him address this without losing sight of us or my own needs.  I need to find a better way to deal with my child and the anger and frustration that his actions cause me.  I keep losing sight of the fact that it isn’t about me, that I shouldn’t take his behavior personally.  It is about him learning and growing, often the hard way. If I can take that out of the equation, things may go a bit smoother for me.  I also want to get myself back into exercising regularly.  I hate to exercise I really do but I need the better mental outlook that it can give me.
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