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Daily Happenings: 11/22 – 11/28

November 29, 2015

What you see on my blog is a meager slice of my life.  I find writing cathartic and so do a lot of ranting  and whining, especially in these Daily Happenings posts.  Rants by definition are not based on logic.  Writing down my rants helps me to clean out the ol’ brain pan so that I can find a solution to whatever is bothering me at the moment.

11/22:  Hubby made breakfast then we did a rushed grocery shopping trip so that we could watch the Bronco game.  At half time, we put a new recipe in the crockpot.  Got nephew’s ornament finished and started on my niece’s.  Overall it was decided the new soup wasn’t for us. Read to the boychild. Hubby overdid it today with the wood splitting…it isn’t like he didn’t just order a wood splitter…that shoulder is never going to heal if he keeps this up.  Alcohol discussion.  Couple of episodes off the DVR.  Thankful that my family is willing to try new recipes without complaint.

11/23:  Didn’t sleep well.  Read to boychild and played a game.  Came home from work to smoked chicken and pork.  Helped Hubby with designing an information sheet in Excel…however this meant I didn’t get anything I was planning on doing done. Thankful that Hubby can rearrange his schedule to suit our childcare needs.

11/24:  Read to the boychild and colored with him.  After work and dinner, I made the pie crusts and then we process the horseradish we pulled out of the ground a couple days ago.  Boy did that make the eyes sting.  Hubby set off the fire alarms last night on accident and were surprised when the boychild didn’t get up…Hubby’s going to change out the one in his room that says something just to be safe.  So thankful that Hubby helps with food storage prep.  We got over a gallon of chopped horseradish into his beverage fridge.

11/25:  Made the pecan pie and veggie dip.  Before work, I made the apple-cranberry crumb pie and olive cream cheese.  Note:  the secret to your pie crust not shrinking it is letting it rest:  after assembling (30 minutes minimum) and after rolling it out (5 minutes). After dinner, Hubby started the rolls and then helped me tear bread for stuffing.  Made a dreamcatcher for my son since he didn’t make his 2 weeks ago but brought home the supplies.  Mystery:  Hubby is the most chatty when he’s tucking me into bed…  Thankful that I/we got the baking done so that there isn’t the oven shuffle tomorrow.

11/26:  Didn’t get the bread dried out for stuffing so had to put it in the oven.  The bird went in 2 hours later than intended…good thing that it is just us.  Not that I invited anyone, other than HS and her hubby, no one comes up to visit us any way.  (that is partial statement and partial whine.)  Veggies on the veggie tray gave me a bellyache.  No fair.  Try and do the right thing and have it bite me on the ass (err belly) any way.  Read chapter to boychild.  Dinner was great although much later than planned.  After dishes were done we played a game.  Started the next motif on my sampler and finished my niece’s ornament while watching DWTS. Thankful for a Hubby that cooks, for my child, for our home and full pantry.  I have a lot to be thankful for…

11/27:  Didn’t leave the house today.  Read a bit to the boychild.  Colored some.  Put away laundry.  Had leftovers…  Thankful that there wasn’t anywhere in particular that I needed to be.  More on my sampler and started the boychild’s ornament.  Watched San Andreas with Hubby.

11/28:  Made monkey bread for breakfast.  No motivation.  Read since Hubby decided to clean the garage and camper.  Got rid of the gas fireplace in the garage.  Leftovers ’cause no one had any meal ideas.  Read another chapter to the boychild. Finished my book.  I’ve got the blues tonight…  Thankful for dear friends that don’t judge me when I rant.




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