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Feather Files: Kharis

October 16, 2015

I’ve been getting lots of pokes lately to connect with Papa Zeus.  I’ve been slow to do so as I know I’m supposed to be concentrating on building a relationship with Mama Isis.   I keep being told that I need to connect with her more.  That I need to call on her more…and I’ve been stumbling ’cause I’ve no idea how to accomplish bringing her more fully into my life and awareness.  Anyway, I finally pulled out the deck I’ve dedicated to him and done a tarot reading.  It read like a gentle lecture.  I’m sharing it hear because if feels like I’m not the only one who needs this message.

Kharis* is the give and take of in endless cycle.  Be open and honest, hold nothing back.  Simplify and focus.  Be steadfast and persistant.  We are not going anywhere.

For those curious…Alchemical Tarot Renewed:  6 of coins, 2 of coins, Wheel, Star, 8 of Wands (which is a bit different than standard), and Knight of Coins.

Because I’ve been fretful, I also asked if he is upset with me in any way due to my lack of attention/devotion towards him.  I got the Ace of Cups…along with a wave of love.  Need to find the prettiest ace of cups to put before my eyes on a daily basis to remember I AM loved.



*For those unfamiliar with the Hellenic term kharis it is “the act of giving to the Gods so They might give something in return. It’s religious reciprocity…It means everything from beauty to joy, delight, kindness, good will, grace, favor, benefit, boon, charm, attraction, appeal, elegance, gracefulness, pleasure, cheerfulness, wit, gratitude, thankfulness and gratification…we give to the Gods and should They feel inclined to grand us our request, we thank Them by offering to them again, to which the Gods might respond, to which we will sacrifice, and so on. This circular practice of voluntary giving is called kharis…[FYI] the granting of a petition [is] not expected. It was appreciated, yes, but no one found fault with the Gods if the petition was not fulfilled. They would look into themselves to see if they had done something incorrectly and else assume that by not granting the request, the Gods helped them along anyway.” This patchy quote is taken from Bearing the Aegis.  I don’t agree with everything he said but this gives you the meaning as I understand it.  People debate about kharis, what it is and isn’t, quite often and I have no desire to do it here.

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  1. ladyimbrium permalink
    October 16, 2015 2:02 PM

    People debate kharis on your side of things at least as much as they debate frith here. We know they’re essential and they’re simmering we need to do… but we don’t quite know what they are.

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