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Persephone’s pomegranate

September 23, 2015


Today on this day of balance I give you a free chart.  It is a small motif that I designed and stitched on a someday altar cloth as part of a CAL (Craft-A-Long) in my facebook crafting group.  I have titled it Persephone’s Pomegranate as I stitched it in memory of her eating the pomegranate seeds.  May the dark half of your year be blessed and filled with internal light.


Title:                       Persephone’s Pomegranate
Author:                  Aj Brokaw
Copyright:             2015, do not kit or sell
Grid Size:               23W x 26H
Design Area:         1.36″ x 1.57″  (19 x 22 stitches)
Legend: Stitches

heart               DMC Cotton 498    christmas red – dk
flower            DMC Cotton 746    off white
sun              DMC Cotton 919    red copper
button             DMC Cotton 326    rose – vy dp
Legend: BackStitch Lines
DMC Cotton 498    christmas red – dk

Note:  the seeds are also back stitched in #498

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