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Golden Eagle’s Wing

September 20, 2015
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So due to insomnia issues I don’t dream often any more or don’t remember when I do.  Had an odd one last night.

Came around the corner of someone’s backyard just in time to have a golden eagle land practically at my feet.  I was amazed and admiring then realized the bird was struggling with someone’s small pet.  I rushed in to try to save the pet by trying to brush the eagle away but when I did so the eagle’s wing fell off.  I’m looking at this wing feeling very horrible for the poor bird, having completely forgotten about the pet.  I’m wondering how to help the bird when I notice the wing has a leopard print pattern on it.  Then the wing seem to petrify or turn to stone.

And that’s all I remember.  Other than golden eagles are Zeus’ bird to call, I have no idea what to make of the dream.

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