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Daily Happenings: 9/13 – 9/19

September 20, 2015

What you see on my blog is a meager slice of my life.  I find writing cathartic and so do a lot of ranting  and whining, especially in these Daily Happenings posts.  Rants by definition are not based on logic.  Writing down my rants helps me to clean out the ol’ brain pan so that I can find a solution to whatever is bothering me at the moment.

Spiritually, I’m still trying to find a steady rhythm on my daily devotional (DD) practice. Right now I do a little something as it strikes me, no formal ritual, often just short chats with my gods.  I always end the day with thanks in front of my shrines.  Prayers, as always, before bed unless I’m ill.

9/13:  slept in.  Errands with Hubby which included buying me a pair of Danskos.  Wasn’t planning on buying any but I wanted to be sure on size so I could find a pair on sale.  Hubby told me to just buy them.  Now hopefully, once I get them broke in, I can stop having hurting feet from working on concrete floors.  Recorded Bronco game since we didn’t leave in time to get home before the game.  Defense won the game.  Offense needs to get their act together.  Started Fury Road.

9/14:  didn’t sleep well.  Finished Fury Road…not as good as I was led to expect but it was nice seeing a strong female character that wasn’t a hardened bitch.  Today seems to be a day where I’m gonna need to pull myself up by the bootstraps as I have the desire to wallow in my blues.  No time for that.  Work…boychild’s teacher came in and handed me my high school class ring.  Just guess how she got that…just fucking guess.  Head/desk. Lunch.  Work.  Lectures from both of us.  Honestly I don’t know what to do with him.  Designed pomegranate chart.

9/15:  Tired.  Laundry started.  Looking for some witch themed quilt squares.  A spot of cleaning here and there.  Think I figured out the boychild’s issues.  Work.  Home.  Discussion with child over dinner.  He badly wants to give this girl at school (different from his usual crush) a gift.  Instead of talking to us about it, he started stealing.  Right inclination, wrong methods. Bills. Stitched some on the sugar skull stack.  Need to fix the spider before stitching…he looks crazy.

9/16:  Still tired…found me and my brain having a conversation in the middle of the night…why?  I don’t know but we need to cut that shit out!  Laundry.  Bills.  Insurance confusion.  Trying to find motivation…did manage to clean more of the child’s stuff out of Hubby’s office.  Watched Hobbit part 3.  Enjoyed it, sad it is done…part of me is even sad that I don’t live in that world…or maybe it is the blues in general… Work.  DWTS…some of their contestants are…bottom of the barrel…eliminate about half of them right off the bat.  That bad.  Talked with Hubby about what to make for our anniversary dinner since restaurant choices around here are rather slim.

9/17:  woke up late.  Managed to get the boychild ready in 20 minutes.  Boychild put me in my place this morning…gave me a sugar skull drawing that said “Happy Aniversery, Mom!  I love you.  Sineirly his name“.  I thanked him then corrected his spelling.  He pointed out that it makes him feeling bad, to wait a day or so before pointing out his spelling errors.  Point taken my darling child. Even more impressive my 8 year old did this without anger in his voice.  Started stitching CAL while listening to 3rd Odd Thomas book…something about the character that just draws me back.  Put away laundry, airing out bed linens so that I can change sheets.  Made Hubby some tapioca pudding for an anniversary gift.  Feather files post.  Dinner made and Broncos game watched…Offense owes Defense some hefty drinks.  Hubby complained about my wishlist…so I signed him up for pinterest so that he could see my wishlist there.  He howled and called me a traitor.  😛

9/18:  Didn’t sleep well.  Napped a bit with Hubby.  Packed, stitched while listening to audio book.  Rewashed bedding.  Down the hill.  Dinner then quiet evening.  Went to bed at normal time in hopes of getting a good night sleep…

9/19:  which didn’t happen.  I slept very little.  At HS by 8 then off to Miller farms where we paid $15/person to pick 5 grocery bags produce out of their fields and then split a wagon full of produce with HS and her Hubby.  We (between the Hubby, boychild and I) got sweet corn, kale, indian corn, misc gourds, pumpkins, wax peppers, bell peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, carrots, potatoes, yellow onions, red onions, dill, basil, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, watermelon and tomatoes plus a bag of green beans.  Got to have some orange fleshed watermelon which was very good.   Had lunch then started processing our harvest.  Carrots were cleaned up and bagged to freeze for soups.  Celery leaves and dill leaves were put into dehydrators. Celery was bagged, some for eating and some for freezing again for soups.  Kale was soaked, removed from stalks, and bagged.  The stalks were bagged also for soups. Onions were taken to HS to cure in their shed.  Basil was cleaned and bagged.  Tomatoes that had split were washed and bagged for freezing.  Everything else can wait until we are home.  Boychild was not helpful following a bad example, upsetting both of us so we were surprised when it was asked if he could spend the night at a friends.  We told him no until he started making better choices so that we can trust what he does away from us.


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