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Daily Happenings: 6/14 – 6/20

June 22, 2015

Dear Blog Reader,

What you see on my blog is a meager slice of my life.  Do not presume that you know who I am by what you find here.  As much as gets written down, much more happens that does not.  My journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  This is my space, read or not as you please; just don’t lecture me on what I should or should not post.  I find writing cathartic and so do a lot of ranting  and whining, especially in these Daily Happenings posts.

Warning:  rants by definition are not based on logic.  Writing down my rants helps me to clean out the ol’ brain pan so that I can find a solution to whatever is bothering me at the moment. Yes I have friends I could lay this stuff on instead, but maybe I don’t want to clutter up their brain pan or bother them when they have their own issues.

Spiritually, I’m still trying to find a steady rhythm on my daily devotional (DD) practice. Right now I do a little something as it strikes me, no formal ritual.  Occasionally been doing short meditations and I always end the day with thanks in front of my shrines.  Prayers, as always, before bed unless I’m ill.

6/14:  Took my son for the handoff to my parents.  Still not completely comfortable about this trip but trying to put a good face on it.  Breakfast upset my stomach and other stresses had me seriously consider puking.  Bought some red plums to make jam.  Haven’t decided if I’m going to do it with rhubarb too or not.  After getting home, Hubby has gone back to work on the fireplace.  Yay dust to join all the dog hair!  (I hate this part of remodelling…love the end result so…) It looks like we’ll have to buy all new exterior pipe because they stopped making the type we were given unless Hubby’s fireplace guy has a good solution.  I certainly hope he does bcause we really can’t afford all new pipe.  Must admit and it is quite silly I know, I feel a little lost without the child around to keep an eye on.  Hubby helped me make plum butter.  It was a good relationship rebuilding evening filled with tidbits like being told lingerie (once considered useless, something to leave on the floor) would be good now that we have a child (not sure I get the correlation) and candlelight.  Huh maybe something good will come out of the boychild’s trip.  Boychild called to say good night.

6/15:  Didn’t sleep well.  DD. Took another look at the lenormand reading I did Saturday, now that I have the brains and less emotion.  Still a very good reading.  Paid some bills. Exercised (absolutely shocking!)  Started a movie, Jupiter Ascending.  Work.  Lunch. Work, quick phone call from the boychild while I was there.  Home to find Hubby trying to make shrimp scampi and get the plum-rhubarb jam/butter (not sure of the difference) going.  Finished the jam, very late, tired yet wired…probably from tasting the jam.

6/16:  Didn’t sleep well.  Instead of the wheel of doom I had a fucking blender whirring my mind until the early morning hours.  Finished the movie I started yesterday.  I liked it though it would have been better as a book I think as something was missing.  Giving some jam to a couple ladies at work.  Work…finished the last hour of the day with a migraine precursor…came home and laid down for a bit then walked down to main street for dinner. Trying to get caught up on DWTS… No phone call from the boychild. 😦

6/17:  Had a hard time getting to sleep due to a good imagination thanks to the lack of phone call.  Called the first thing this morning, they took some wrong turns and got in very late.  Refixed one of my favorite shirts into something more wearable…unfortunately it is now sleeveless and so impractical for morning wear around home.  Made an effort to track down missing parts in the postal system.  Registered for Dfest.  Laundry started.  Made a card for a coworker who is having a rough time.  Boychild’s report card came in…went up in a few of the problem areas. A bit of housework.  Dark moon reading. Work.  Home to find Hubby finishing up outdoor work.  Told me to grab my jacket as we were going out.  Dinner was OK, company was great.  🙂

6/18:  slept in.  Finishing up laundry.  Helped Hubby finish cleaning up the trash next door.  I have a couple of wind chimes to combine into one.  Getting a large chunk of petrified wood.  Not sure where we will put it.  Walked down to main street to get some errands done.  Restless but don’t want to do anything.  Laundry put away.  Dinner out with Hubby who listened to me bitch about social media’s concept of white privilege, then yard work.  No phone call. Stitched a little.

6/19:  Work meeting.  Finished stitching a project.  Packed.  Headed down to pickup the boychild.  Dropped off cans at recycling.  Boychild didn’t miss us much, got a hi, a hug then he was back to playing with his cousin.  I’m a bit bemused.  Hot down here. Over to the inlaws, out to dinner.  There are days I despair…humans can be such idiots…short sighted, cruel, foolish, destructive…for the first time I’m thinking of avoiding FB for a while…social media keeps me in touch but it also makes me sad and envious.

6/20:  feeling very blue today.  Errands including a trip to restock our pantry…first time in a very long time.  Short nap.  Inlaws stuck in Wyoming as they didn’t get enough done today moving Grandpa, so on our own for dinner.  Started an Isis devotees group on Facebook.  Something I’ve been mulling for a while now.  Hopefully it will bring like minds together.  So damn hot down here…every time I think I want to move back, I need to remember how hot it gets in the summer.

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