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Daily Happenings: 5/31 – 6/6

June 6, 2015

Dear Blog Reader,

What you see on my blog is a meager slice of my life.  Do not presume that you know who I am by what you find here.  As much as gets written down, much more happens that does not.  My journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  This is my space, read or not as you please; just don’t lecture me on what I should or should not post.  I find writing cathartic and so do a lot of ranting  and whining, especially in these Daily Happenings posts.

Warning:  rants by definition are not based on logic.  Writing down my rants helps me to clean out the ol’ brain pan so that I can find a solution to whatever is bothering me at the moment. Yes I have friends I could lay this stuff on instead, but maybe I don’t want to clutter up their brain pan or bother them when they have their own issues.

Spiritually, I’m still trying to find a steady rhythm on my daily devotional (DD) practice. Right now I do a little something as it strikes me, no formal ritual.  Occasionally been doing short meditations and I always end the day with thanks in front of my shrines.  Prayers, as always, before bed unless I’m ill.


5/31:  Hubby had errands and a client to work for today, so my mother picked us up and we did a little shopping then went to her house.  Boychild helped her plant a little bit.  Once Hubby arrived, Dad cornered us about taking the boychild with them when they go to help my sister come to Colorado.  I told him I thought it was a bad idea, Hubby told him he didn’t care either way.  The boychild is all for it.  I told him what he to expect, what the expectations were and that he needed to think about whether he could do it.  I’m guessing he’ll go.  Nothing more I can do as they are all aware of the problems.  Ran the plants mom didn’t want (and I didn’t want) to HS and my MIL.  Had dinner and drove home.

6/1:  Morning with the boychild has been a fiasco.  He complains that I don’t do enough with him and when I try it blows up in my face.  Can’t win.  Chores.  Work.  Lunch.  Work.  Very tired tonight.  Big boss has been grumpy so it makes for a tense environment…it doesn’t help that we’ve been slow…making it hard to look busy.  Hubby had a very busy day so late dinner.  Decided to start watching Shades of Grey as I need to return it to the library and was trying to decide if it was worth watching…yeah I stayed up way too late and finished watching it.  WAY too late.  Hubby asked me why I was watching porno without him.  Cue eye roll.  However, I was wondering how they were going to handle the red room…and was rather surprised by the amount of nudity given how puritanical the US tends to be.

6/2:  Brain gerbils are evil.  Slept late.  Finished up the birthday card with the boychild for his grandfather. Laundry started.  Started writing chapter 3.  Work.  Home to the devotional postcard from Galina.  She made a Hermes postcard complete with an accordion prayer book.  It is very nifty.  Over 3100 words written (includes chapter 3 now.)  Kinda stuck as I’m floundering over which way to take the next part of the story.  Research and puzzling it out.  Full moon night and I’m too tired to do anything.  😦

6/3:  Not a lot of motivation this morning.  Bathroom cleaned.  Laundry.  Took a 20-25 minute walk.  Grocery store.  An episode of SHIELD.  Work. Dinner had some of the toughest meat I’ve ever chewed…poor Hubby was rather embarrassed.  We were given this meat and well…beggars can’t be choosers but the dog got a good portion of the meal.  Full moon brownie.  Tarot.  Another late night…been up too late every night this week.

6/3:  Another low motivation day.  Laundry put away.  Cleaned out a few drawers.  Wandered around town after lunch.  Arguments about housework with the boychild.  Hubby home too late for me to go to craft night.  Shoulders pretty pissed about the vacuuming I did.  Went out to dinner, got talking with one of our favorite waitresses (who wasn’t serving us tonight) and found out she’s getting married on our wedding anniversary.  While waiting for the check, the not-so-good-waiter told us that someone paid for our check already.  Surprised us.  We are guessing the waitress did it.  Blessings on her or whoever it was.  Restless tonight.  Can’t find anything I want to do…

6/4:  A devotional postcard made for a friend that I don’t speak to much.  When I thought about doing one randomly, she was the first to come to mind, along with how the image should look…and then a haiku to go with it.  Made cookies with the boychild.  Finished vacuuming.  Grocery store for items for the afterschool party.  Made apple salad (vanilla yogurt, pecans, cinnamon and green apples…simply delish).  Took some sausage, some cider, some wine and some wood.  Last couple times I went to her parties I didn’t have much to share so I went overboard tonight.  I was ready to come home a couple of hours before Hubby was…there was a fire, there was beer, he wasn’t budging.  Sigh.  Was nice chatting with some of the locals though.  Hubby and boychild had some sort of tiff, one was tired and the other had over consumed…when I asked the elder what happened he yelled at me that it was between him and the boychild.

6/5:  Went to bed pretty pissed.  Didn’t fall asleep until sometime after 4:30… moving very slow today.  Pretty stuffy this morning.  I so want to give my body a break from allergy meds but can only go a day or two before having to go back on them.  Been trying to join some cross stitch groups on FB.  No one has accepted me…I’m guessing it is because of my religious beliefs…sigh.  I’ll try a couple more and then probably start my own.  Hubby wanted to go buy more tomato plants since two of his died (Note to self:  no more celebrity tomatoes) so we ran some errands, had dinner at a new to us Pho place before heading back home.  Finally got accepted to a cross-stitch group.  Helped Hubby with potting/replanting some items.  Trying some companion planting…basil, tomatoes and an onion (that sprouted in our pantry) in two different pots.  Late start on some seeds, not that big of deal as the rule of thumb is plant nothing outside until after Father’s Day.  Though some of the plants we bought today will be going into the ground tomorrow as they were outdoors at the nursery.  The others we need to start “hardening” using a fan I think.

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