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Daily Happenings: 4/12 – 4/18

April 18, 2015

Just a reminder…my journal blogs are mostly for me and the few people that truly want to know what I do on a daily basis.  Read or ignore as you please.  Still trying to find a steady rhythm on my daily devotional (DD) practice.  Right now I do a little something as it strikes me, no formal ritual.  Also been doing short meditations in the evenings occasionally.  Prayers, as always, before bed unless I’m ill.  Warning:  may contain rants…rants by definition are not based on logic and are solely for the purpose of clearing headspace so that I can address things in a more positive fashion.

4/12:  finally hauled my butt out of bed about 9:30 and started getting read/packed. Same ol…yeah tired. Over to my parents’ where Hubby spent the majority of the time there taking out the stove pipe that goes with fireplace they gave us.  Finally got a helpful recommendation from a pharmacist…trying Nasacort tonight. My aunt and uncle came over.  I really didn’t want them to as I wasn’t feeling up to socializing… Dozed on the way home.  Grocery store.  Dinner.  I have movies I need to get watched so that I can return them…so I’m going to at least start one.

4/13:  Doing better, even dreamed some.  One drug experiment didn’t go so well, so lesson learned but I think once I get enough of the Nasalcort in my system, I’ll be doing well.  Finished movie.  Short meditation.  Looking for items to stitch/redesign for a baby shower gift.  Work. Lunch, bad attitude boychild, Work.  Home.  Tired. Coughing more than I would like…trying to be patient but…!!!!!!!!!  My fear is I’m gonna wait a week and still be coughing…  More redesign work.

4/14:  Slowly getting more sleep…except for an irritated Hubby at dark-thirty over taxes that woke up the brain gerbil. Riddle me this:  Hubby made 20% less last year, medical insurance went UP 20% and yet the amount we owe in taxes stayed the same…  Spent morning finishing redesigned chart.  Laundry started. Floss gathering. Work.  Homemade pizza for dinner. Boychild told me about Bosho, a Japanese poet who wrote haiku.  Said he was interested in trying to write poetry. Very, very tired. Snuggled a bit with hubby before giving up and going to bed.

4/15:  Slept well until 3 when I woke up coughing hard enough to gag and again at 6am so the 7 alarm sucked. Looked up the rules of haiku and wrote some spring haiku to show the boychild.  Feeling better than I have in a while though I still tire out quickly.  Laundry.  Stitch. Part of a movie.  Pick up boychild, come home and deal with boychild issues, go to parent-teacher conference, quickly eat something then work.  Finished Imitation Game.  My heart breaks for what the world lost because of their prejudice.

4/16:  same shit, different day…starting to wonder if this allergy med is a scam…and it is snowing.  I quit. Ha.  Like I get to do that. Semicolon day. Throwback Thursday pics uploaded.  Floss toss and kitted up. Motivation is low…full of “I don’ wanna”.  Thurs. Made a few bracelets just so that I could say I did something… Afternoon Club…where the boychild wasn’t really bad, but he wasn’t good either and that continued at home.  Hubby had van trouble today so no craft night for me, I made posole for dinner instead.  Really congested tonight…when is this going to get better?  DWTS

4/17:  rough night…sleeping on my back keeps me from coughing but pisses off my neck muscles.  Sleeping on my side, makes me cough but keeps the neck happy.  Can’t win.  Boychild tried to get Hubby to get up with him “because Mom needs her sleep to get over her cough”.  Hubby was having none of it.  Boychild was very angry with him.  Lots of snow.  Sigh.  Still pretty congested today with a drippy nose.  After much moral pondering (should I risk screwing up a perfectly good shirt just so that I will wear it again or should I just give it away as it is still in wearable condition), I lengthened one shirt (don’t look closely at the seam) and added an applique (which required an insane amount of sewing especially on the edges) to cover up a spot on another shirt.  Hubby no worky today due to weather so he went and picked up the boychild who had a half day…there was about a foot of snow piled up against the front door…no way I was willing to go wading out in it, uncover my truck, futz with its issues, etc.  Game after lunch, followed by a stretch of coloring with the boychild.  Then we started working on dinner. Neti pot to get through dinner without a dripping nose.  Day 6 of Nasacort…sigh.  I want to breath again…I want my nose to stop dripping.  I want to sleep at night without coughing no matter how I lay in bed. DWTS

4/18:  Slept surprisingly well…until the guys woke me up to say goodbye as they are going fishing today (crazy I tell you).  Then my body decided to do all the coughing and hot flashes at that point.  I may have slept a bit more after that but not as much as I had hoped.  Indecisive about what to do with my day to myself.  I decided to do some more sewing…not realizing that the projects I picked (repurposing some clothing) would take all damn day so not a bit of stitching got done.  Finished in time to start working on dinner…there the elements on the rotisserie we got for Christmas exploded…only the second time we’ve used it.  My two guys came home with 2 fish…and very sunburned faces.  Four adult males (and 2 children) and none of them remembered sunblock (especially bad since Hubby may have a patch of skin cancer on his face). Nose didn’t drip as much today, congestion off and on all day, after bending over…everything I find says to try nasacort for at least 7 days, some sites say 14…not coughing as much or as hard…about the only thing that seems to be getting better…

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